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Fooking good food!

Where else can you get alcoholic bubble teas other than Fook Yew?





Dined at Fook Yew last Thursday. They’ve impressed me all over again with quality food, pleasant ambiance, and excellent service. Profound attention to detail never fails to breed excellence.



Fried Beancurd Rolls with Chili Sauce: If you ask me, of course I’ll say tofu is awesome. This one is particularly extra-awesome. As you bite, grits of fried skin crumbles in your mouth. Then a cube of really, really warm and soft tofu lingers inside you in the midst of those crumbles. Sweet, sour, and spicy chili sauce is really not necessary, but nevertheless enticing to taste.
Macau Noodle: Dried noodles soaked and bathed in a hearty soup of fish, eggs, and sprouts. Consistently mild, just perfect to taste, nothing too salty to watery. What more can you ask?
Avocado Pudding with Chocolate Ice Cream: I’ve had a very intimate relationship with avocado, as you can see when I logged what I eat everyday for 40 days. Since I’ve been back to Indonesia, it’s difficult to find the same plain and creamy variety as the Hass Avocados. One time I attempted to prepare an avocado pasta. It failed because conventional avocados available in most Jakartan supermarkets are extremely bitter. Yet with one little bite of this pudding, I’m instantly delivered to the highest sense of joy I haven’t been to lately. It may sound exaggerating, but I really love avocado, and Fook Yew has succeeded in replicating the taste and fragrance of a real avocado for this dessert. It’s like an avocado in the form of pudding, sweetened by syrupy milk chocolate ice cream and topped of with fresh mint. But I am happy without all that. Just leave me alone with nothing else but the avocado pudding.
SPECIAL PROMO: They made me a free kumquat bubble tea just by mentioning how much they’ve impressed me that day! To find out the free foods and drinks you can get, follow @Fook_Yew on Twitter. Don’t forget to stop by for some Fooking good food.




Fook Yew
Gandaria City
Mainstreet GF, Unit MG 25
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda 5 No. 8
Kebayoran Lama, Jakarta Selatan 12240
(021) 2900 7897












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