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We’re most like our Creator when we’re creating.



Can you believe that you were God’s idea? It’s hard to believe this at first, because for so long you’ve hated yourself for your flaws, your quirks, your imperfections.

But He’s way smarter than you. He’s more magnificent than everything good in this world combined into one big chunk of awesomeness.

Now here’s the catch: You are part of that chunk. You were made for awesomeness.

Our minds are too small to fully understand His will. But in the midst of our self-doubt, two things we know for sure:

1. He wills that you exist, and

2. You’re meant to be like Jesus.

So when in doubt, create. Not for your own sake, but for the joy it brings to the world.

“You created everything, and it is for your pleasure that they exist and were created.” #ItsHisStory