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On my lips: Plum Perfect


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So I recently got interested in the dark lip trend. The mood is fitting because it’s rainy season here in Jakarta, and I feel it’s one of those trends that’ll never die out.

I also consider myself blessed to have fair skin (and therefore can rock the Lorde-sque dark lip look), not to mention that I’ve completely converted into a Swiftie and simply CANNOT stop playing 1989 on rotation, Googling Taylor everyday, binging on her Tumblr feed and of course, repeating her performances on the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show … I was never a lipstick girl and has never owned other lip products other than balms and lipgloss. In recent weeks though, I’ve already got 8 new lipsticks on my dressing table, because Taylor Swift.

Unfortunately only the nearly-reds look good on me – and by red, I mean Taylor-Swift-red. I wasn’t ready to go very dark yet either. One of my mom’s lipsticks that was like vivid red only made my acne scars look even more visible (and from that day onwards I’ve sworn off lipsticks). I’ve always thought it’s because of the darkness of the color, but it’s actually just a matter of color temperature – my cool skin tone doesn’t fare well with warm colors like coral and tangerines. Pinks, fuchsias, magentas, plums, violets and other cool warms like Radiant Orchid, Pantone’s 2014 color of the year, are tones I generally prefer.

Radiant Orchid - Pantone 18-3224 TCX (2014 color of the year)
Radiant Orchid – Pantone 18-3224 TCX (2014 color of the year)

Marsala - 18-1438 (2015 color of the year)
Marsala – 18-1438 (2015 color of the year)

Which do you prefer: Warm or cool?
Which do you prefer: Warm or cool?

The neat thing about Maybelline Color Show line‘s lipsticks (other than they’re inexpensive) is that they’re categorized by the 4 major tones: Reds, Pinks, Nudes, and Plums.

I got myself the Plum Perfect 403 because it’s the darkest plum … and I’m loving it.






The whole Color Show line was supposed to give you vibrant colors that “pop”, so I’m happy that the 403 freshen things up even though by the stick it looks dark. It becomes this intense magenta hue on my skin and  goes opaque with just a couple of swipes, and then provides you a sheer finish. The moisturized look and the color itself sticks for hours, even after you’ve eaten a meal, and I ate some greasy fajitas that night, so I figure the whole line must do the same to those with fair skin.



What about you? Have you ever tried other lipstick tones from the Maybelline’s Color Show line? Did it turned out this vibrant on you?



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