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We were originally planning to go somewhere else for lunch when my boyfriend told me there’s a new ramen joint in town1, and he’s 100% sure I’ll love it.


Women all over Japan raved about this ramen for a very specific reason. Read on to find out what is it.

The ramen joint is called Seirock-Ya, located conveniently along Radio Dalam main street. It first launched on 15 September, but it was only last week that they’ve formally held a grand opening.


It all began with a DJ who also knows his stuff in the kitchen.

Izuru Ozeki set up the first Seirock-Ya during the late 2009 in Tsukuba City. Over the years, it quickly expanded to 11 more branches nationwide in Japan. In Tokyo alone, there are already 3 established locations of Seirock-Ya, and now the brand enjoys a reputation of serving the ultimate tori-paitan ramen.

Tori-paitan is a ramen variety that’s made out of chicken, prepared similarly to your usual tonkotsu ramen. Instead of using pork, you make the broth by boiling the chicken parts, fats, and bones for hours until it turns cloudy.

Currently, there aren’t any ramen joints that I know of that serve shoyu ramen made out of 100% chicken broth. I can easily tell even from the mildest pungency. I understand that to a certain degree, that porky flavor is actually the selling point, because if you add even the smallest parts of pork to the broth, it’ll help enrich the texture of it and create that distinctive taste of Hakata-style ramen Indonesians have grown to love.

But now that Seirock-Ya is here (and this newly-opened branch is also their first branch overseas), you can be sure you’re getting absolutely no pork.


So I had the Tori-paitan Ramen Shoyu with Eggs (IDR 50,000).


This is Seirock-Ya’s signature dish, and while you can add various toppings on the side to a bowl of Tori-paitan Ramen Shoyu, I picked the option of having eggs already in my bowl. There are 4 other Tori-paitan Ramen Shoyu options to choose from:

  • Tori-paitan Ramen Shoyu (the original) (IDR 42,000) 
  • Spicy Tori-paitan Ramen Shoyu (IDR 47,000)
  • Tori-paitan Ramen Shoyu with Chicken Chashu (IDR 57,000)
  • Tori-paitan Ramen Shoyu Special (IDR 62,000)

And these are the additional toppings you can have for just about any ramen dish on the menu:

  1. Nori (IDR 10,000)
  2. Spicy Negi (IDR 5,000)
  3. Japanese Chili (IDR 5,000)
  4. Quail Eggs (IDR 8,000)
  5. Karaage (IDR 9,000)
  6. Chicken Balls (IDR 9,000)
  7. Eggs (IDR 8,000)
  8. Bamboo Shoots (IDR 10,000)
  9. Chicken Chashu (IDR 15,000)

Now on to why Japanese women love coming back to Seirock-Ya: Their soup boasts lots and lots of collagen that are great for health and beauty.

Collagen, as you learned here, are those connective tissues that make your skin plump, supple, and youthful. Your collagen fibers break down as you age, so it’s common to find collagen supplements in the cabinets of older women.

The creaminess and thickness of Seirock-Ya’s 100% chicken soup directly indicates how abundant it is in collagen, which can only come about from quality chicken bones, ligaments, and fat. It’s both nourishing for your skin and a major treat for your heart.

Vanity aside, you can tell the rich broth isn’t just something they whip up quickly with some thickening agent or some vegetable oil – it’s purely chicken broth that is fatty, super fragrant, and soooo hearty savory. It’s literally chicken soup for the soul.

The ramen noodles integrate well with all the ingredients in the bowl. They’re soft, a little wavy and quite bouncy. This makes them cling together very well to deliver plenty of the flavorful broth with each slurp. This waviness added texture in the mouth too, and it’s very smooth to bite.


Now this is the original Tori-paitan Ramen Shio (IDR 42,000).


You also get the same 4 options  of how you want to enjoy your Shio Ramen as you get with the Shoyu Ramen:

  • Tori-paitan Ramen Shio with Eggs (IDR 50,000)
  • Spicy Tori-paitan Ramen Shio (IDR 47,000)
  • Tori-paitan Ramen Shio with Chicken Chashu (IDR 57,000)
  • Tori-paitan Ramen Shio Special (IDR 62,000)

As you may already know, the shio ramen is the ramen variety that is a tad saltier than others. Instead of using soy sauce (that would be shoyu), the basic condiment for Shio is plain ol’ sea salt. That’s why it’s so light in color, you can clearly see the natural creaminess of Seirock-Ya’s signature broth.

What you see is what you get: It’s mild, milky, super balmy and complements beautifully with the wavy noodles. Again, they carry the broth really well because they bind easily and form a big surface area, so there’s plenty of flavors that’s delivered at every slurp. The broth’s not too salty to begin with, and I especially love how the green onions bring out the essence of the broth so well.


As if 2 bowls of ramen is not enough, we ordered the Karaage Curry.


Now this one is good. Not exceptional, but good. The gravy’s flavor was spot-on – spicy, briny, and sweet. I wish the consistency is thicker than it is now (like the kind you get in a Japanese packaged curry sauce :p). Perhaps a bit of mozzarella and a dash more cornstarch would do it, without losing the flavor of course. Right now it’s not chunky enough to drench the whole rice as well as the crunchy karaage.



One of the things I love most about my dining experience here is that there is not a trace of that stinking pork smell under your breath after your meal. Not one bit. I can still remember how gross it was when I was in China – I accidentally bit on a pork dumpling that I thought was a shrimp one, and seriously … IT STINKS THE HECK OUT OF ME -_- What’s more, it’s slightly undercooked. I immediately drank 4 glasses of water, but the stink lingers and stayed for hours.

You can imagine how happy I was with the aftertaste from Seirock-Ya. I was smiling and uttering “NO POK” repeatedly that my boyfriend just shook his head and saved this location as a favorite on his GPS.

To that, I was hoping they’re going to open a branch in north Jakarta someday so I won’t have to drive all the way to the south (hehe), but we all know that up here, where it’s inundated with Chinese people like myself, people just devour pork (AND durian, another nemesis of mine), sooo yeah … it’s not exactly the most strategic location for Seirock-Ya T___T


View Seirock-Ya in a larger map

Seirock-Ya 清六屋

Jl. Radio Dalam Raya No. 9
Jakarta Utara 12140
+62 (0)21 2912 6281
Visit Facebook page at 清六屋-せいろくや Seirock-Ya Jakarta

Operating hours:

M – S 11:00am – 10:30pm


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