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New ‘do


9fhtdAt last … the all-new ‘do (well, it’s actually just a tiny trim), since I last chopped my head off into a bob in March 2011. That was the third and the last time ever I’m going to sport a bob. Ever.

Based on personal experience, hitting the salon when you’re out of your mind isn’t the best idea. Refrain yourself from getting a massive haircut when you’re going crazy with life, because you’re going to wait for a really, really long time to have your full crown (read: sanity) back on your head.

I made a promise to myself to never touch my hair with anything close to a pair of scissors until they grow as long as my chest, and I did wait that long (two and a half years) without having anything close to a snip, except for the bangs.

Why? Because after three bobs and three daunting experiences waiting for my long hair to come back, most hairdressers cut an average of about three inches off my scalp even when I stressed them not to make my tresses shorter. “I just want it tidied up,” I always say with a stern voice. “I’ve been growing them out for a long time since my bob.”

But I always end up with much shorter hair.

Every time that happens, it feels like you’ve just finished a full marathon in less than four hours (which is a great time for the average guy by the way), but for some reason the timer guy got your timing wrong. “Sorry buddy, we’ve experienced some technical problems,” he would say. And then he recorded you an hour late.

One full hour sweating is like three inches hair being cut off just like that. Yeap, that’s how emotional I can get with haircuts.

So I got my treat today – I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long, and I’m just happy with the result.

Growing out my hair to be like the crown of actress Shin Min Ah
Growing out my hair to be like the crown of actress Shin Min Ah

My cluttered bunch is a super thick and dry one, as all the dressers I’ve ever been to have felt so. Considering I’ve grown it since my bob, the front sections on either sides were slightly longer than the rest. There were no shaggy layers, no angling waves, no nothing to tousle – just straight, blunt, and broom-like flatness with weighty split ends.

But now my tresses are neat as a pin. I’m no longer carrying around a broomstick on my head anymore.

Finally, I know where to make an appointment for a trim without having the hairdresser chopping three inches off my hair.

Perched in Pluit, RE:DO Korean Hair Boutique is a chic salon that truly prioritizes on service quality. I usually get frowns and what-do-you-want looks from old ladies in other salons within the neighborhood, but now I see why the hallyu effect is so pervasive throughout Indonesia. Staff are all friendly and approachable, and I learned that over the last five years it’s been established, most RE:DO frequenters have entrusted the pro colorists in the house to conceal their graying hairs with gusto, while the young repeaters keep coming back for the magic hair workers to make them look like Korean celebrities.

Like everyone else, I got to choose between local and South Korean hairstylists on my visit. The place is furnished with an impressive collection of imported Korean haircare products on its shelves, not that I needed any of those just for my little hair fix-up. But for those who aspire to copy hairdos of your favorite K-pop star, I have exciting news for you: RE:DO’s having a special month-long discount! For every haircare service done by the Korean stylists, you get 10% off the regular price. This includes cutting, coloring, and styling services – Korean style.

Though I’m not a nail art practitioner, I do enjoy pedicures now and then. Turns out that RE:DO is not just a nook for tending the hair. It also offers sleek mani-pedis that would be perfect to fill your daytime pampering session this month.



You ready to get all styled up? :)




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