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My favorite musician of all time.


I’m a big fan of music. Especially quality music. ’90s music, ’80s music, music that matters, music that lasts. I love pop jazz like John Legend and Michael Buble, smooth jazz like Dave Koz and Incognito, classic jazz like Frank Sinatra and soulful voices like Aretha Franklin. Even Earth, Wind & Fire’s Reason.

I also love downtempos like Zero 7, Sia, and Jakatta. Especially Afterlife’s Sunrise – my all-time favorite chillout tune.

The point here is, I love good music.

But if I have to choose just one, then, I guess it’s Jay Chou.

And no, not because I think he’s cute. In fact, the first couple of years I judged him by his “superficial” style. His voice is always unclear, and his words always sound blurry. However, the more I learn how talented this guy is, the more I think he’s kind of a god. That guy is gifted with music. He played the violin ever since he was 3. When I was 3 I was still sucking the pacifier.

The following video made me fall head over heels with him. Ever since then I love him and keep admiring him up till today. I can never play the piano like that, much less improvise like that.

If you give him any melody, any nonsensical melody, throw him some really inharmonious melody, he can still make a music out of crappy tunes that you gave him.

In addition to piano and violin, he plays guitar, flute, cello, drums, and Lord knows what else.

This is a brief yet great interview about his musical background. If you understand Mandarin Chinese, that’s great. But if you don’t, you can watch him play the guitar, fingerstyle, just halfway to the end of the video.

I know right? Seriously?!

No woman is ever good enough for him. He’s a romantic genius made of fluffy clouds and candy bars, sprinkled with dark chocolate chips and Nutella topping.

He is also very consistent with his career in music. Every year he managed to release one album with memorable songs, even though as each year goes by, he’s diversifying more in the showbiz (if you know about movies such as Initial D, Secret, and the recent Hollywood release of The Green Hornet, you’ll nod along). He does a lot of commercials too, and have been directing a lot of his own music videos, movie, and TV show productions (See Pandaman) in the past few years while still making music annually. He’s like a god. He’s so busy, no wonder he has no girlfriend yet.

I’ve photoshopped myself beside him once when I was 16. I don’t know where I put that picture. Most of my friends from Friendster would recognize that photo. This is the only craziest I’ve been with a celebrity, and not mainly because of his looks. I really look up to this musician.

He can sing, he can rap, he can dance too, aside from all those lyrical and musical gifts someone up there has implanted in him since he was born. He also respects his grandmother and his mother, and proud of that, dedicated songs to that, and that’s a rare quality you find in young people today.

He is gifted. I admire him a lot. That’s all I’ve got to say.


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