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My first ever Valentine’s

In my 22 years living on this planet, this is the first time I’ve spent a Valentine’s Day with a boy! On a real date!! Okay that actually sounds more depressing than I thought.

For our Valentine’s, Stanley and I had a simple yet unforgettable date night: Exchanged gifts, had long and meaningful conversations, and shared a pleasant dinner at Momento.

I got a custom-arranged flower bouquet! Thank you babe for the beautiful white roses :) By now I can’t keep count of the many bouquets I’ve received from you. I love them all.


As you can see, I didn’t even dress up for the night like I probably should. Nothing too extravagant as it was a weeknight. We both had to sleep early anyway.

We’re saving the fancy dinner for Saturday night instead, although to us it didn’t really matter what we’re doing on Valentine’s, or on any other night. As long as we’re spending time together, we know we’ll have a pleasant time.
21732_10102199780998178_245374735_n-5When it comes to gifting, I have a thing for not buying stuff – especially to the people I admire or treasure. Considering the vast artistic skills I’ve adopted in college, I don’t think purchasing stuff is a good-enough expression for the recipient to know that they’re special.

I draw vector portraits now and then, but on this special occasion, I wanted to make something a little bit more different than what I usually do. Something I can actually build with my physical hands …


These cuties are our lovely cupigs!!! (portmanteau for cute, pigs, and cupids)

The laughing one represents Joy and the one that looks like it’s daydreaming represents Gentleness.

Fortunately V-Day happens to fall on the 14th – just five days apart from our anniversary date on the 19th. So Joy and Gentleness are just a sneak preview of what else is to come. Until then, I shall keep the whole set of products a secret from Stanley :)

One clue:

Stanley’s anniversary gift last year

*sealed lips*

I’m just glad we’re in the same time zone this year on Valentine’s Day. No more long distance nonsense, no more late flower deliveries, no more “Hello? Hello? Hello? Can you hear me?! I can’t hear you!!!” replays on Skype.

This is as blurry as Skype’s gonna get.
This is as blurry as Skype’s gonna get.


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