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My second Tea Drop blends


Today I went for a quick lunch with a friend and after, I took her to Wooyoo purposely because I’m collecting my FREE ice cream!

Completed the first stamp card. On to the next …

It’s still not the best ice cream I’ve tasted, but the best around the PIK area, at least, for a dairy queen like me. It’s never too sweet, and the smell of cow milk melting in your tongue is just irresistible, more so when you couple the icy dairy with crunchy textures like crushed nuts and rice cereals.

Anyway, you may already know that I’ve decided to collect all 25 Tea Drop cubes from my first Tea Drops blends post. This time, I hauled another 3 to make the current collection 6 out of 25 cubes as we speak:


Spring Green


Well this is one heck of a green tea, as I seldom have my green tea prepared this colorfully. It’s like inhaling the delicate floral notes in spring bloom, and in this case, it’s a mix bag of roses, cornflowers, marigold, followed by hints of citrus. Best when you want to switch up your usual crisp clean ocha routine with something refreshing.


Cleopatra’s Champagne


This is sooo “ahhh”-inducing and just so fragrant. The moment you pull the pyramid bag out of the box, chamomile comes rushing through your senses to calm you in a heartbeat. You have floral notes just as sweet as the ones in Spring Green, with the top note reminiscent of freshly cut apples. If you’re desperate about getting your beauty sleep these days, this fruity-flowery tranquilizer is a must-have, seriously.


Peppermint Herbal Infusion


This is the most meh blends of the 3 pouches, but for me, any time is a good time for peppermint. I haven’t sipped one in a while, so it’s super refreshing to get such a smooth blend loose leaves instead of your standard grocery-store-bought tea bags. That said, this is a definite treat for lovers of minty freshness – you get a much more refined brew and therefore, a smoother cooling effect if you get your peppermint fix from this pouch.


I thought it’d be a good idea if you take in the serenity of it all with the smell of  Summer Rain. Though I’m far from a mellow gal, scented candles work best to change my mood through the night. Hopefully tonight I will not be having my chronic bouts of insomnia.


What about you? How do you normally enjoy your tea? With a particular smell? A good book? A cat on your lap?



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