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My first Tea Drop blends



A while ago, I was on my second visit to my favorite ice cream parlor in town right now, Wooyoo (I mean, you fellow dairy addicts would’ve sold yourself in a second too). This time, I noticed a large 5×5 box of tiny cubes by the counter, and as I looked closer, I realized the cubes are tea blends. I was so intrigued and made an immediate decision to try out some blends (actually, I was battling in my mind whether I should buy ’em all there and then). As I looked through the vibrant packaging and skimmed through the tasty-sounding blends (they’re from an Australian tea company called Tea Drops, btw), I took my sweet time to decide … until I finally chose 2, the Oolong Rose and the Lavender Grey blends. When the cashier was about to swipe my credit card, I grabbed another one, the Lemongrass Ginger. Compulsions, compulsions, compulsions.


Lemongrass Ginger


I’ve had various varieties of lemongrass and ginger brews many times before, after all, it’s a classic blend. But this pouch not only contains the mild spices, but rosehip and hibiscus as well. Who would’ve thought just a tinge of citrus could add a punch to the mellow spice? Suddenly my old lemon-ginger combo becomes boring.


Lavender Grey


As with lemongrass and ginger brews, the variety I sip often is of lavender and earl grey. Though I can’t tolerate more than 2 cups of this (because its body isn’t earl grey, but pure black tea, which I can’t tolerate), the floral notes are so beautiful. Topping the black tea off are lavender and cornflower (the indigo-hued ones) petals, as well as fresh bergamot flavors. I still prefer the Lemongrass Ginger blend as an everyday indulgence, but this one is too beautiful to leave out.


Oolong Rose


Another pleasant surprise considering it’s another tea with a body that is oxidized higher than green tea (see this great intro from Teavana). Truth to be told, the only oolongs I consume often are those cold 1.5l Pokka bottles you see at Asian grocery stores, and I usually avoid it in Chinese restaurants (and opting for restaurant must-haves like jasmine or chrysanthemum). But I’m a fan of rosy scents, and this blend is surprisingly sooo mild. I’d describe it as a successful foreplay (a.k.a. unrushed, gradual, romantic and sexy) if tea is sex, but it isn’t. So you go give it a try yourself.


There are basically 22 more blends I’d come back to Wooyoo for (other than licking the milky goodness …)  to try out the rest of the Tea Drops cubes, but so far, if you haven’t already noticed, I’m 100% sold.

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What about you? Have you tried any one from the 3 blends before?



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