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(Closed) My fab 4-course dinner at brentwooD Grill


To start off this review, I want to say a huge thank you first to Zomato Indonesia for the super generous treat at brentwooD Grill last Saturday. I had a lot of fun at this #ZomatoMeetUp and met a bunch of foodies who share the same taste and interests with me :)


BrentwooD Grill is a casual fine dining restaurant located just across Dharmawangsa Square.

It’s got a mid-sized space and is decked with dark wood furnitures all over the place, so diners easily feel comfortable upon entering the two-storeyed restaurant. Among the dim lights and the chill ambiance, walls are lined with chalkboards of handwritten quotes, and they’re inspiring ones that mirror the whole concept of this restaurant.




Apparently Mr. Adriano Mazek, owner of brentwood Grill, is also known as Chef Adri.


Yes … you read that right. He’s both the owner and sous chef, and if that alone isn’t an inspiration for you, I don’t know what is.



Aside from the 4-course dinner he would be presenting us for the night, we Zomato foodies also had the privilege to look through Chef Adri’s neat kitchen. I invite you to take a quick peek at what we’re having …





By 8pm, we’ve fully occupied the second floor of the restaurant. As I came considerably early, I had the chance to capture the feel of the space before it got crowded.





This is Mr. Adriano a.k.a. Chef Adri, who’s responsible for every detail of our dining experience. He introduced us to why he started the restaurant in the first place (undeniable passion) even when he’s already busy with his day job (this is why brentwooD’s only open in the evening), then brought us champagnes to break the ice.


So now let’s run through our menu for the night.

We were given 3 set menu options, 2 of which are identical with the exception of the main course (Australian angus steak on the first set, Entrecote beef rib on the second set), along with a vegetarian set menu.

I picked the second set, and this is what I get.

We started off with a gigantic portion of salad. I’m not a big fan of salads that lean more toward the sweet end. Moreover, this one comes in a relatively big portion for an appetizer – at least, appetizers served in Indonesia. It’s strawberry-sweet, with its dressing a bit too astringent, and veggies are considerably fresh, though I think it could’ve been fresher so as to make a better texture. I didn’t finish the whole thing, as I was saving up space for the real deal …


1st Course

Escargots a l’Ail et au Echalotes

Escargots seared with butter, garlic, shallots, provencale herbs

This is the star of the night for me. I just wish I had the whole thing for myself :p Instead, the waiters delivered 2 servings of it to each table for everyone to share, so we all had to grab at least one before they run out.


They’re a slightly drier version of the traditional escargots, but taste-wise it’s right there. It’s got well-balanced seasonings, quality (these are some giant snails), and superb texture (you can really bite them as if it’s ground beef).


2nd Course

New England Clam Chowder

Clam, potato cream, and herbs

Overall, I’m dissatisfied with this one. Though it has a good, creamy consistency, I expected a more umami-tasting and herbaceous broth. I haven’t bitten a single clam as I slurp, and I also wish it was served at a warmer temperature. The white bread on the side tasted much better when you eat it with the rosemary and thyme leaves, but other than that, the broth makes a really bland dip.




3rd Course

Hokkaido Pentocles, Safran Nage, les Yeux Noirs et Petits Pois

Hokkaido scallops, saffron nage, black-eyed and green peas

Another serving that I couldn’t have enough with just one. It’s a petite portion that features petite scallops and great taste. I love the soft and supple texture of the scallops, and it contrasted well with the crisps. I think the saffron nage could be a bit less salty, but you can easily offset it with a little helping of the rosemary leaf on the side. It added a slight bitter punch and overall more herby quality to help enrich the taste.



4th Course

Le Entrecote

Entrecote beef rib, tarragon sauce, pomme frites, complimented with walnut salad

What I find most striking about this course is its super generous serving. Halfway through the rib and I was already heaving. You get to have it either medium rare or medium well, and I got it medium well because I like to bite.


It’s rare that you get this quality of beef anywhere else in town, and I especially love the tarragon sauce for the unique combo of its anised flavors and the beef’s pungent umami. The only complaint I have for this is that I don’t see any any walnuts in the salad …

And finally, le petite desserts :)


Earthy Coffee Crunchy Almond


I like all 3, except that I love the middle one :)

I thought the white chocolate banana choux was super chewy, as in like chewy protein bars. I like how it’s layered in consecutive stacks and the whole blend of banana and white caramel taste is perfectly balanced.

The white caramel-coated cream puff (kue sus in Bahasa) was also a good munch, I like how the cream oozes out as you chew along.

The coffee-chocolate mousse was incredible. One bite of this sends a whole new sensation running down my spine, and I’m not even exaggerating. It’s rich, thick, and bold in texture (like that of a molten lava, except more luscious) and a perfect balance between bitter and sweet.



Now will I recommend this restaurant? Absolutely. I admire the driving force behind the business (that would be Chef Adri himself), and it’s really amazing what following your passion can do for your life. So if you’re swinging by the area and craving for a good steak, brentwooD grill is the place to be.

Once again, thank you so much Zomato for the major treat. Looking forward to future meetups real soon :)


View brentwooDgrill in a larger map

brentwooD Grill
Ruko Dharmawangsa Square
Jl. Dharmawangsa VI No. 40-41
Jakarta Selatan 12160
(021) 726 0320, 726 0312

Operating Hours:
M – Sa 17:00am – 23:00pm
S Closed



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