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My 6 morning habits



We’re still in the season of resolutions-making, so I thought it fitting for me to share some of the things I do in the morning. The more I grow older, the more I realize it’s easier to make changes if we take things one day at a time. While some aren’t a daily habit, I’ve been pretty consistent that most of them have become second nature:


But first, water


I simply can’t get up without sipping H2O. Every morning I wake feeling dehydrated, and I guess that’s a no-brainer for someone who guzzles about 4 liters a day. You actually lose more than a pound of water weight during sleep, so it’s important to replenish the system after it’s lost so much.

As to why I have a kiddy water bottle, it’s because my previous 2 Rubbermaids spill easily even after I secured the cap. They were fine the first few months I got them. And then after that they’ll drench everything in my bag, on my car seat, and then over my clothes some more.

I bought this 1-liter bottle from a Toys Kingdom store. It was pleasant a surprise – you won’t expect to find quality water bottles here (out of all places). For months I’ve looked for something to replace my Rubbermaid. I’d go hardware stores and dishware stores – nothing. At least, not one 1-liter BPA-free water bottle that’s durable. I was looking for something along the lines of those from Camelbak, so it’s great to find that my kiddy bottle was perfect: It’s made from Eastman Tritan copolyester, meaning it’s really 100% BPA-free and not just labelled “BPA-free” for marketing reasons.


And yes in case you wondered, I’ve been ridiculed quite a few times, but who cares? Safety first. Honestly, the chillaxing frog is also part of the reason why I picked this up from Toys Kingdom. If only they have pigs.


Read the Word


I’m so guilty for not reading the Word every single day even though I have an incredible app for that (DailyBible). But aren’t we all like that? When everything’s fine and going well in our lives, we stop talking to God – not even when worry. Only when trouble comes then we find God for help and ask for “miracles”. The verse today resonated with where I am today as well as where I am in my life right now. I wouldn’t have the ability to type these words if He didn’t sculpt my fingers and my brain.


Have a fruit


Longtime readers, you know I was force-fed with an apple and a boiled egg every single day. It wasn’t that hard with eggs because I love dairy, but with fruits, my mom had fought a long but worthy battle: She tried slicing it, juicing it, sneaking it in my lunchboxes and so on. Now that I’m a full-grown woman, I cannot start a day without an apple. I even have apple cravings.

Recently, I was hit with a fever and a diarrhea (January 1st to be specific … depressing, I know). The fever part got away quickly with some prescriptions from the doctor, but for someone who’s easily a fruit queen, this means I haven’t had any mangoes or papayas or kiwifruits in the last 5 days. The only fruit I was allowed was apple, because pectin. So far it feels like a newfound appreciation for the fruit, and Fuji’s juiciness has become an indulgence.

So if you only have 1 serving of fruits today, make it an apple.


Make a to-do list


I never understood productive people who functions without a list: How do they do it? Even if they’re not using the easiest-possible-to-use app on their mobile phone, they must have some kind of a pen-and-paper post-it somewhere in their pocket.

Over the years I’ve been doing just that – doing a brief rundown of all the things I have to do that day and ticking them away as the day goes by. It gets messy because I had so much paper waste. Now I just make a private list on the go on this social list-making site because I don’t want others to know that I’m this OCD when it comes to making lists … but now you do.



Get sweaty


Okay. Another private list that I keep is a weekly mileage that will compound to so much in a year. The fact that can I see how many miles I can run in 50 minutes this year and last year (as well as the previous year) itself is a motivation to get some serious sweat. As to why this habit doesn’t feature a gym selfie, it’s because I tend to avoid the mirror during a sweat sesh (and also, read this). It can make or break your workout, depending on your personality. My tendency is going Sherlock with every imperfection I have on the image, so you get the point.


Drink tea


Like most people, I can’t function without caffeine. Tea is the second most widely consumed beverage in the world after water, so ironically it feels redundant for me to share this as an additional habit … because everybody drinks tea, right? However, most people around me aren’t exactly everyday tea drinkers, even though drinking as many cups of tea as the average Joe would have his daily coffee offers tons of benefits (Lifehacker: The coffee lover’s guide to tea). I mean, this couple switched from coffee to green tea entirely and ended up calling the beverage the panacea.

Though you will not get the caffeine kick from teas immediately, anything red, green, and white works excellent to keep my energy up and stabilize my mood all day. If you’re not as tolerant with caffeine like I do, you may already be drinking teas, and black tea might even be your exception like it is for me. Black tea (ceylon, english breakfast, lapsang souchong) is the tea variety that’s most oxidized and therefore contains the most caffeine. I actually suspect the diarrhea came from drinking this Chinese black tea I’ve had in my cupboard for months, as the tin still got about 2 ounces of tea leaves left. It’s the first black tea I’ve downed in ages … and I shivered like I do with coffee.


What about you? Are you a coffee or tea drinker? Is there a healthy habit you’re trying to cultivate this year? Tell me how you’re planning to change your habits in 2015 in the comments section below.



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