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© tinylittletea
© tinylittletea

What if a week lasts for less than a week, say, 5 days?

What if a day lasts more than 24 hours, say, 50 hours?

Then we’ll get 250 hours a week … as opposed to the current 168 hours a week.

Safe to say that we think this is a better option if God designed our schedules that way, but rather than controlling our lives as if we’re lifeless puppets strung by His hands, He gave us free will instead.

We little Pinocchios start to build our worlds with the hours we’re given. And the more we have things, the more we want more, sometimes to the point where we think we know better. We start aspiring to build our own gods, more often than not out of ourselves.

Here’s the reality: Just because you were created to become like Him doesn’t mean you are Him. And for the record, we were the ones who’ve constructed the concept of time. So either you rest with the fact that His gift is eternal, or you continue to enslave yourself to a construct that won’t last.

Wake up, lady. You’ll do your best if you just surrender it all to the safety of His hands.


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