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Mega Italian feast at Mamma Rosy #ZomatoFoodieMeetup


I’ve recommended this restaurant to practically everyone who asked me where they should go to get some Italian fix in Jakarta.


Sooo it’s not that hard to picture how excited I was when I found out my second meetup with the Foodies is going to be at Mamma Rosy :p

Photo credit: Wonder Tripper
Photo credit: Wonder Tripper

Photo credit: Wonder Tripper
Photo credit: Wonder Tripper

Thank you again Zomato for the fun time and the amazing lunch!! It was another great meal with fellows who take pictures of their food and don’t mind the wait until we get a good one ;)

To start off, let me just say that Mamma Rosy has left a great impression on me and has also consistently impressed my friends. For this meetup, I should tell you that I arrived late, so I missed a couple of appetizers that I’ve never tried before, but by the end of the banquet (yeah, for this meetup, Mamma Rosy’s upsized her portions, like, 3-4 times than the normal plate), it’s clear what I missed don’t sum up to much. I still got massive food porn for you, so prepare for some major orgy ahead.

On a side note, Mamma Rosy was actually going to take us to tour the whole house from the entrance to the kitchen to the outdoor fountain area, and then to the second-storey terrace (where we ate) and the back kitchen. But it was a Saturday, and it was a full house. There were more than 20 of us, and everywhere in sight was packed. So … not much pictures of the place :s



This is the Vitello Tonnato (IDR 44,000), described as “finely sliced roast beef sirloin with tonnata sauce of tuna, fresh mayo, and capers” on the menu. It was okay, slightly too salty, but peppery-good. It wasn’t as fresh as I would expect it, but help yourself with a black olive to juice up the cold meat a bit.


Then there’s the Prosciutto e Salame (IDR 119,000) – pork hams, pork salami … pork, pork, pork. I could only picture a slew of pigs confined in a slaughterhouse when this plate arrived. Just for the sake of this review, I tried a tiny piece off of this, and it was extremely salty. There’s a complimentary bread bowl to help you offset the saltiness, but still, if you ask me anything pork, I’ll say no …



This is the Karnivora (IDR 124,000). It’s got tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, onions, smoked beef, garlic-marinated beef, parsley, and paprika. I thought it was fine, but not the best of the 3 I tried.


This one’s a unique one – the Aglio Olio & Cabe (IDR 89,000). I haven’t had pizza that has tuna and potatoes in it, so I thought this was new and surprisingly good. It’s still not my favorite because of the tomatoes, but I recommend all spicy-food lovers to try this one out.


Now this is the best of the 3: The Golosa (IDR 139,000). It’s a mix of mozzarella, bacon, chicken, egg, truffle and mushroom cream, parmesan, black pepper, and chili oil. The truffle was great with the chicken, and it came out strong enough to overpower all the bacons in it. Mamma Rosy was also generous with her parmesan grates – just all that dairy in this pizza really made my day :)


What I don’t particularly enjoy in all the pizzas was their super tough crust. Frankly, it was a bit difficult to slice it with my knife and I had to pull it with my fingers and bite it off of it. Even chewing the crust was hard.



I’d basically recommend all pasta dishes they offer here, but this dish has garnered more fans than I can count ants: It’s the Risotto al Funghi (IDR 89,000) with Fontina cheese. Every friend who’s been to Mamma Rosy has told me this is the bomb. It is delicious, but it’s not my ultimate favorite dish here. One clue I can give you now is that it’s one of the dishes I tried during my first visit. But for now, let’s come back to this risotto.

The whole thing was warm and fragrant and drenched in truffle oil. I love the fluffiness of the rice and  mushrooms – they’re baked to just the right consistency. Don’t even get me to all that cheese sprinkled everywhere – this is THE comfort food for staving off your PMS.


This is the Tagliatelle Carbonara (IDR 89,000). Just FYI, you can choose your carbonara serving under any pasta type you like, ranging from the spaghetti, the penne, the linguine, the fusilli, angel hair, to ravioli or gnocchi. But don’t you agree that dairy goods are best served on wider doughs?


Seriously, check out ALL DAT PARMESAN.


Speaking of parmesan, here’s my kryptonite – the basil-pine nut-olive oil-parmesan combo.

For me, stewing anything with pesto sauce is always a good idea, particularly gnocchi. But this gnocchi pesto (IDR 79,000) was less than I expected.


While the pesto was near-perfect, I thought that the gnocchi itself tasted bland. I did stir it thoroughly until the pesto was all over them, but it doesn’t help much. It might help to add more olive oil so the paste isn’t this solid,  because I wouldn’t want Mamma Rosy to take out all that parmesan :p


This is Ravioli Burro e Salvia (IDR 79,000). Condiments here include butter, sage, and … you guessed it: PARMESAN. You rarely get fresh sage leaves on your plate in most restaurants, so it’s great to have them as it is like this. It added flavor to the already herbaceous ravioli, although I’d request for more melted butter :p It’ll smoothen things up and help make everything taste more velvety.


Then we had the Spaghetti al Frutti di Mare (IDR 79,000), or just seafood spaghetti. I love how fresh and tart the seafoods are, not to mention how good they taste with those big arugula garnishes. Usually you get too much tomatoes in most frutti di mare dishes around town, but this one’s just enough to freshen up the molluscs, and I also love that the spaghetti’s smooth enough for you to slurp all the way without breaking it off.


Now … the Lasagna (IDR 79,000). Obviously saturated with tomatoes because of the podomoro sauce, but Mamma Rosy also used tons of besciamelli cream and loads more parmesan to complement tomato’s sweetness. The end-product is thick, cheesy, and simply sumptuous.


Aaand now, my ultimate favorite dish: Lasagna al Pesto (IDR 89,000)!!! All the good stuff is here – excessive parmesan, excessive pesto, excessive layers of warm, soft, melt-in-your-mouth dough, plus extra fats from the besciamella cream … so rich, so oily, sooo good.


Main courses

By the time the main courses arrived, we were all bloated. We thought the pasta dishes were the highlights of the day, but we’re dead wrong.

This is the Agnello al Brandy (IDR 149,000), which was really good, considering I’m someone who rarely enjoys meat. Of course the bittersweet brandy marinade had a lot to do with it, but the lamb’s really tender and well-seasoned too. You can whiff off fresh notes of rosemary in its aftertaste as well.


The next main course, the Filetto alla Ligure (IDR 109,000), was DELICIOUS. This is probably the only tomato-based dish that I love, because the fish won’t taste the way it does without tomato’s sour-sweetness. This thing basically sensitizes all your taste buds in one go – it’s got tannins from wine, some juicy olives and capers, the fragrance of garlic, sweet cherry tomatoes, and then evenly sprinkled with fresh parsley. Soft, simple, mellow, demure, yet intoxicating.


Side dishes

These are the 3 choices of side dishes you’ll get for each main course: Fresh salad, spinach sau, and potato wedges. I didn’t try the salad at all so I can’t tell, but the spinach is still as good as I remember (trust me on this; Mamma Rosy can make your kid start eating veggies) and the potato wedges are just scrumptious.


They’re so warm and soft inside, yet its skin is so crunchy. It’s veiled with fresh breadcrumbs that taste so good with all that starchiness inside.



Time for some sweet treats!! Here’s the Tiramisu (IDR 44,000). I LOVE the excessive mascarpone and of course the coffee and cocoa on top. I just wish those spongy ladyfingers have some kind of liquor in it … I couldn’t taste any, so if there is some rum or amaretto or brandy that they’re dipped with in here, I want more of it :p


This is Crostata di Mele (IDR 44,000). It’s the traditional apple crumble made with vanilla ice cream. I love how mushy the apples turn out to be, and the crumble tasted just like your grandma’s favorite cookies – they’re not too chewy nor too brittle to bite. It tasted as good as it is without the cherry on top too, as it’s already got raisins in it that made it really sweet.


Now here’s the Zuppa Inglese (IDR 44,000). I didn’t expect it to be this good. I guess it’s because of the alchermes those ladyfingers are dipped into, when I thought the crimson’s just food coloring like you have in red velvet cakes. There’s also the perfect combo of raspberries with chocolate, and finally topped with a thick egg custard glaze. Seriously good, even better than the tiramisu IMO.


This one’s another unexpected gem – the Buddino della Nonna (IDR 44,000). It’s largely made with amaretti cookies, so you get a lot of crushed almonds to play along with the soft textures of the pudding. Lots of beaten eggs, just enough caramel sauce, and love how it’s tough and spongy at the same time. Finally a dessert with caramel that’s not too sweet :) (not a big fan of caramel here)


And last but not least is a classic favorite, the Panna Cotta (IDR 39,000). Again, I’m not a big fan of anything caramel, but I guess the quality of the milk had a lot to do with it … because I’m loving this!! It looks so simple and modest, dressed with a mere cherry on top, but when does grandma’s recipes ever fail? Anyone who loves dairy and milk will surely love this one.



In the last 6 months, I’ve probably visited Mamma Rosy at least twice before this one. It’s one-hour-and-a-half’s ride from where I live, so I’m telling you here it’s worth a try if you haven’t done so. Even with my frequency I wouldn’t have tasted so much from the menu if it wasn’t for Zomato – thanks and thanks again for the wonderful afternoon :)


The back kitchen – where all the pizzas happen.

Mamma Rosy, her daughter, and her adorable grandson – Agusto x)

Photo credit: Wonder Tripper
Photo credit: Wonder Tripper



Previously …

This was my first ever visit a year ago, and these are the snapshots in the last 6 months:

Processed with VSCOcam

My friend ordered an extra Risotto al Funghi even after he has finished his own bowl of pasta!!! LOL


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