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Me + 10…

10 years from now …

I am 32 years old.

I am married. I have all the children I want to have for the rest of my life.

My children are cute, smart, nimble, and independent. I play the piano to them, the guitar to them, sing for them, dance for them, draw for them, read and write for them, pour tea for them, cook for them, bake for them, and let them see all the possible things they can do in the world. The way I raise my kids is to let them know I am there whenever they need me, but they are encouraged to do whatever they want to do with their lives. I will never force them to do anything they do not wish to do, or fulfill some unfinished business in my own life, or become someone else they’re not.

I have a loving husband. I trust him. He is my partner for life – the one person I primp up for, dress up for, be good, look good and do good for, and smile to every morning and night.

We (our family) own a big dog. I wrestle with it whenever I’m down. We play with it, and jog or run together on Sunday mornings.

We might have a pygmy pig too, whose name is Bobo. The pig likes to sleep and loves to be loved.

I have a steady job: I own a sole proprietorship company. I run my schedule everyday based on demands. It’s a satisfying, rewarding, and fulfilling full-time job where I can juggle my time to take care of the kids, make love to my husband, have my own space and time alone, and maintain good health.

I make sure my husband and my children enjoy good nutrition and good sleep every single day. Healthy brains mean wealthy lives.

At 32, I’m working on writing my own book.

By 32, my writing has appeared on at least 7 different publications.

By 32, my art has been sold to 9 people.

By 32, my craft is to integrate art with text to best illustrate the stories of others, to others, and for others. Stories bring people together. My family sticks together as one no matter what happens, not only because my job is to show and tell stories, but also because we know we are a family and that we will always have each other.

By 32, I have ran both the half-marathon and marathon. They are two biggest achievements of my personal life.

By 32, I would have made an impact on at least 100 people’s lives, one way or another

By 32, I am no longer a girl nor a lady. I am a thirty, happy, and thriving woman.

Now I’ll handover the million-dollar question to you: Think of your life ten years from today. What’s different?



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3 thoughts on “Me + 10…

  1. Great. Please read this post 10 years later. But I though it’s better you read this again every year, this one is the best guidance of your life. Just believe it.

  2. I am sure this article has touched all the internet visitors, its really really fastidious piece
    of writing on building up new weblog.

    1. :) It’s meant to inspire people to write down their goals in life and have the motivation everyday to achieve them.

      Thanks for the kind comment :)

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