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(Closed) Third visit to Mango Tree Bistrobar


Disclaimer: This is my review of the food served during my visit. Keep in mind that taste may change over time, depending on the restaurant’s consistency. Just keep munching~


I’ve been to this restaurant a couple of times before, and loved it every time. This visit was the only time I brought my DSLR, as I already knew we’re going to have our dinner here. But this wasn’t even that recent~ It was months ago … in fact, I think it was toward the end of last year~ *guilty* Nevertheless, It’s one of the many restaurants that’s been sitting on my hard drive that I feel worth publishing about. I can’t keep up with the burgeoning F&B business in Jakarta, so I’m beginning to get even more intentional about the stuff I do post here.

The chain restaurant was first introduced to Jakarta at Epiwalk’s ground floor, but early last year they’ve opened another outlet here at Plaza Senayan. As you can see, the interior was neither too dim nor too bright. It’s designed to create a casual dining experience that’s best accompanied by live performances and increasingly, reserved for special events.


What kept me coming back here was obviously how delicious the food are, not to mention the affordable price range. This is a franchise that’s branched out worldwide, so you gotta acknowledge how dedicated they are at staying true to the traditional Thai taste (well, there’s a very slight modern spin). For the most part, you’d chill once you’re seated as the staff eagerly cozies you up and helps you with your order.

We started out big with the classic rice noodles dish, the Shrimp Pad Thai (IDR 62,000). Vegetarians can opt for the vegetarian option for IDR 47,000 that includes bean sprouts, garlic, chives and peanuts.



I thought it was the most altered to the local’s taste of all the things we ordered this time. Doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it, but personally I’d prefer to have more peanuts and spices fried together with the noodles instead of just overall salty. You gotta admire the work done on the fried egg though.

Every time I come here, I had to order a curry dish because their curries are SO GOOD! This time, we ordered the Penang Curry with BBQ Duck & Lychee (IDR 58,000).



You have a side serving of crushed peanuts and chili powder for extra texture,but ohh the duck meat was so luscious. It’s basically a match made in heaven with the thick, coconut-milk laden curry sauce. And if you’re wondering how spicy this is, don’t worry, the pictures don’t do it justice. For an intolerant, this is about 2.5/5 level of spiciness, just the right amount for this fat and juicy dish to taste hot.


Now this one I couldn’t sip till the end, because it’s about 4/5 level spicy. It’s the Tom Yum Sea Bass (IDR 65,000) soup.



The thing about Thai food that I absolutely can’t live without is coconut milk (and basil, and cilantro, and bean sprouts). So this factor alone makes me very biased about what we’ve tasted so far, especially for this soup. Perhaps like yourself, I’m considered chili intolerant for an Indonesian – a little bit can go a long and painful diarrhea for me. So the fact that this cloudy concoction was brimming with coconut milk and fresh spices was enough to erase the scathing feeling in my throat. I just thought the sea bass wasn’t a generous portion.

Last, and certainly not the least, we finished our meal with Durian Panna Cotta with Sticky Rice andKaya Sauce (IDR 35,000).



Sticky rice, another favorite traditional Thai food of mine, made up the bulk of this dessert, even though I know I’d enjoy it more if the panna cotta serving was slightly bigger. But sticky rice with kaya sauce is one of my ultimate favorite indulgence. Make coconuts into jams, press them into oils, turn them into custards, or dry them into flakes, and I’ll still adore the tropical fruit no matter how it turns out. Kaya toast is one of my childhood foods, so despite the slight imbalance with this dessert, I still enjoyed it nonetheless.


No doubt I’ll keep coming back here, or just whenever I’m craving heavy curries and lots of coconut milk, but do make sure you come with an empty stomach so you can enjoy all the Thai deliciousness they offer to the max.

Are there any dishes you liked at Mango Tree Bistrobar that I didn’t mention here? Do share.


Mango Tree Bistrobar

Plaza Senayan
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8, 5th floor
Jakarta Selatan 10270
+62 (0)21 572 5338
Visit Facebook page at Mango Tree Bistrobar

Operating hours:

M – S 10:00am – 10:00pm


Other location(s) in Jakarta:

Epicentrum Walk
Jl. Rasuna Said
Ground floor, W118
Jakarta Pusat 12960
+62 (0)21 2994 1303


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