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Lusting: Nudes


The nude eye palette has been the centerpiece of my dressing table ever since the day I put on my very first makeup.



For my 14th birthday, my best friend got me Benefit’s Big Beautiful Eyes (USD 32.00), which, at that time, I have not the slightest clue on how to apply an eyeshadow, much less on contouring.

A few years later, as you may already know, I became a Sephora junkie while I was living in San Fran (with a VIB status :p). For the last three years, Sephora’s Moonshadow Baked Palette – In The Nude (USD 27.00) remains as my go-to nude palette. It’s easily the handiest, all shimmery, and it’s uber-versatile. I’d go so far as to say that if I only have one eyeshadow for a lifetime, I’d stick with this.

Throughout these years, I haven’t had a change of heart when I see nude palettes from other brands. However, since it’s harder to get my hands on the palette without Sephora in Indonesia, I’m considering the following three:


  • theBalm’s Meet Matt(e) Nude (IDR 565.000 on Zalora)
    I love how pigmented the shades are, and it looks like they’re gonna stay on for long. Just couldn’t help smiling when I saw Matt, the guy on the package, and picture him nude. Okay, okay, really, the shades are pretty neutral, and while there are only nine colors on the palette, each of them are distinctive. I can imagine myself putting just a shade on as well as blending any two, three, or four of them together. This is a great palette for simple everyday look.

  • NYX Nude on Nude (IDR 298.000 on IndoMakeup)
    Judging from the brand’s surging popularity in the country, I bet you’ll love this palette the most. While I don’t generally wear lip makeup, I love the wide range of eye shades. They’re primarily warm browns, but there are also cooler, darker taupes to help create a night look in no time.

  • Too Faced’s Chocolate Bar (USD 49.00)
    … okay, I confess: Out of the three, my eyes are particularly on this one. This is a fairly new item so guess I’ll have to wait till it’s available in Indonesia. Obviously the package looks delicious (who doesn’t love a good ol’ chocolate bar?), the pigments have a combination of matte shades and shimmery ones like the those in Sephora’s Moonshadow, and I really love the plums and cool browns just because they my eyes pop out more against my fair skin.


Urban Decay Naked


Do you have a favorite nude palette? (And no, Urban Decay’s Naked Palettes do not count1).





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