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(Closed) Lovely supper at Le Signature


I first heard about this hideaway from Ivy a while ago. Just the whole fine dining experience in Pantai Indah Kapuk itself, which is rare in the area, has piqued my interest.


Added with the fact that it’s tucked away in seclusion from the busy main road of Jalan Marina Raya1 , I could only grow even more curious. So the other day I finally went to try out Le Signature, and it was simply a pleasure.

Sweet deal: Everything on the menu is 20% off when you use BCA, except for your drinks ;)

As expected, the ambiance was private and intimate, a perfect setting for a close group of friends or a romantic dinner. Their minimalistic approach to the whole concept limits the amount of space available at one time, so to be safe, I think it’s best to reserve your seats prior to your visit.

However, you don’t have to worry about dressing up (unless you want to). Despite its polished backdrop and parquet flooring, this is the homey Pantai Indah Kapuk neighborhood we’re talking about, so you’re in for the most laid-back fine dining experience ever.

There are several details I like, such as the grayish accents and the long verge of candles lining on each step against the wall as you walk up the staircase. We were seated on the far corner on the second floor. Despite so, the staff was all smiles throughout the night, and they were very attentive to our needs.

We hit it off with this crusty bread bowl to get our stomachs rumbling.


I wasn’t having high or any expectations at all upon my visit, so for someone who loves bread, the only thing I love about this one is that it’s super crisp and minimally salted.

Then we moved on to the star aperitif of our night: Homemade brioche with sautéed escargots in creme cheese  (IDR 68,000).

brioche DSC02302

It’s a new item under the Tapas menu, and we enjoyed it IDR 13,000 off for using BCA. I thought the quality, portion, and thickness of the escargots were perfect. It’s leaning toward the cushy end in the firm-to-slimy spectrum, not to mention it’s backed with melted cheese oozing out of every angle as you bite as well as that thin slice of dairy to top off the juicy sensations of it all. I just thought the brioche dough was too hard, as I understand it’s meant to offset the liquid-y texture of the snails and cheese combo. Cutting the whole piece became quite difficult, and all the amount of attention given to its presentation quickly go wasted.

Then we had the Crusted Australian ribeye, asparagus & Parmesan ruskuit (IDR 188,000), and again, we had it off by IDR 37,600.

meat DSC02308

This is one of the most decorated umami dishes I’ve ever seen that actually tastes as good as it looks. I think the biggest defining factor for me is the heaps of ultra-soft mashed potatoes underneath, which I love, and that the mushrooms are supple and the carrots and asparagus are skillfully cooked. The steak itself was served with the recommended daily portion of animal proteins (about the size of your fist), and it was thick, luscious, and really tender. I thought this palate was a superb way to get the average guy to get their veggies, because when eaten by itself, the inside of medium-well thick steak was slightly bland. I believe the seasoning was intentionally kept to a minimum as well, so instead of blindly sprinkling more salt and pepper, you might as well be munching it with the scrumptious veggies and the briny and super crunchy ruskuit.

Finally, we enjoyed the Wild truffles, risotto & Parmesan ruskuit (IDR 88,000) under its Pasta menu for with a IDR 17,600 cut.


By now you should know that you’re hearing this from a pasta lover, so I may be biased to say what I’m about to say: This risotto was glorious. Honestly, I can eat this everyday for the whole week and still love every bite of it (though maybe not for a month). I just love how buttery and soft and luscious the rice was cooked, but still retain a hint of an al dente quality to it, just as how real Italian risottos are supposed to be. When you break it all down and stir it up to taste, you can clearly see the tiny chunks of hams and onions meandering through the blend.

It’ll be easier to break down the ruskuit into bite-sized pieces first before you start digging in. Seriously, the crunchy stuff has a texture that works very well to match the fluffy nature of the risotto. It’s good on its own and it’s great to enhance the already well-blended taste of the classic comfort food.

The only thing I’d change about it, and this is just personal taste, is to reduce its saltiness by a adding more herbs and/or spices to it. It may seem like a small thing, but those two green onion leaflets really balances out the ultra salty nature of Parmigiano.

The next time round, I’ll be testifying the lush desserts here, plus more mains and pastas to boot. Every dish we’ve tasted was a memorable experience for us, and it’s tempting to find that the rest of the items on Le Signature’s menu looks as elegant as the next.

I highly recommend this place for those of you who are looking for something of quality in North Jakarta. Or, by the same token, if you live in the area but are just too lazy to bear with the traffic to get around any farther, hehe. Cheers!

Le Signature
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jl. Marina Raya
Ruko Cordoba Blok H No. 2
Jakarta Utara 14470
(021) 5698 3495
Visit Facebook page at Le Signature

Operating Hours:
T – S 11:00am – 11:00pm


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  1. turn left at Do It Best PONG Home Center, continue straight and you’ll see Bubur Sapo Bun Ong on your left, then you’ll see Sun Merry Bakery & Cafe ahead of you, and Le Signature right beside it []
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