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Lamians at Jin Mu Dumpling, PIK


This modest restaurant’s left a big impression on me upon my first visit – now I know Jin Mu is the place to go whenever I’m craving for delicious lamian at a delicious price. Hands down, they have the supplest, springiest lamian in town.


For the pork dumpling lovers out there, you’ll love what they have for starters too. Jin Mu has up to 10 different pork dumpling dishes for you to savor one by one, plus 2 different pork-laden xiao long bao dishes for you to try.

Since I don’t eat pork, I had the Sui Kiaw Tiga Rasa (Ayam, Jamur, Tunas Bambu) (IDR 21,700 for a 5-piece serving, IDR 39,700 for a 10-piece serving) to start the meal … and it was so good. One dumpling is stuffed with chicken bits, mushrooms, and bamboo shoots, and just one bite drenches all the umami juices in your mouth with a crunchy kick. I love how the dough is not too thick so the blended taste of the stuffings is stronger than the dough itself.

2014-07-07 14.44.33

To follow the dumplings, I had the Seafood Mien (Udang Scallop Kani) (IDR 43,700) as my main dish, and really, there’s no way to show you what appears so simple here that it tastes so good. As you can see, the 3 main ingredients to complement the soup dish are shrimps, big-ass scallops, and crab meats. But it’s the broth that really sets the tone for such a hearty aftertaste. It has the right touch of vinegar, it’s not overly salty, and the warm seafood fragrance is just all over the bowl.

10 had the Dan Dan Mien Khas Jin Mu (Babi Kacang Sayur) (IDR 39,700), one of the house favorite pork lamian dishes on the menu.

2014-07-07 14.44.57

You can always pour the spicy pork sauce into the large bowl of lamian and mix, but to get the best out of your dandanmian, dip the lamian into the separate bowl of dandan sauce, then slurp. The sauce was amazingly hot, nutty, peppery, just salty enough and borderline oily. The massive chili oil in it was divine, and I love the sesame-sprinkled lamian to go along with it and how biting it is. I love that the lamian is prepared slightly more al dente than my own bowl of seafood mien, as this chewier texture makes a better base for the dense, viscous-oily goodness on the side.

While there are a host of other classic Chinese dishes on the menu that would make a perfect family meal, the general ambiance leans more toward the eat-and-go feel instead of a house of big circular tables. Of course, PIK diners don’t generally just eat and go – Jin Mu merely offers a more casual setting for Chinese-food lovers who don’t feel like dressing up too much but wants good food, such as myself.

So go ahead, take a cheat day and try their pork dumplings and lamian today. Taste them for yourself, and let me know how quickly you’ve finished your bowls.


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Jin Mu Dumpling
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jl. Marina Indah Raya
Ruko Eksklusif Blok B No. 17
Jakarta Utara 14470
(021) 2903 2567, (021) 2903 2570
Visit Facebook page at Jin Mu Dumpling

Operating Hours:
M – F
 11:00am – 09:30pm
Sa – S 10:00am – 09:30pm



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