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I don’t usually eat wagyu, but when I do, it’s at JIMO Shabu.


Disclaimer: This is my review of the food served during my visit. Keep in mind that taste may change over time, depending on the restaurant’s consistency. Just keep munching~


The people over at Ikana-Ikana Seafood has just launched its new establishment, JIMO Shabu, on the 2nd floor of its Elang Laut lot. If you’ve passed by the main road and saw huge trees and bright lights on your left, you’ve probably seen it. It’s the hooked house just before you reached the shophouse (ruko) area.

The seafood cafe has been around for around 2 years or so, and if you’ve heard that it’s got a dozen shareholders behind its operations, you’re right. 13 to be exact. They’re the same people behind the likes of Smokey Ribs and The Replay, so you can bet your dollars on anything palatable, entertaining, yet family-friendly from them.

As if all that jazz wasn’t enough, I finally got to try out their new shabu joint that’s just opened early this June. For the time being, everything is 30% off, and since I came here with a shareholder, we got it all for 50% off :p






What makes JIMO Shabu special is its only set menu:

  • 125g wagyu beef
  • Tare sauce
  • Udon
  • Fresh veggies
  • A bowl of rice
  • Ocha (with refills)

Yup – people basically come here knowing what to eat already, and I’m talking about wagyu beef. For a dinner table of 9, 2 sets were far more than enough to stuff us all.




Unlike most shabu houses in town, the broth was simply prepared with a couple of kombu (japanese kelp) and sea salt – no pre-made stock, no chicken essence, no MSG or any other added seasonings. 

You might think, how’s that possible? The foodstuffs must have tasted plain Jane in the end! Well, far from plain. It’s precisely why sometimes older people don’t particularly enjoy modern jazzed-up shabu houses that’s not all that good for you as they market themselves to be. Besides, put in too much foreign flavors and you lose all the original umaminess from your wagyu. Think about it: Why do you need so much added flavors if your wagyu quality is “tHe BeSt iN ToWn!!”?? Yup, the opposite is true in this case. All you need is just some good wagyu to have the boiled broth extracting all of its goods and make it into a savory soup.



Udon, tofu & veggies – essential fillings to complete your wagyu meal.


There, that’s your 125g wagyu right there. And that soy sauce you suspected on the previous photos? That’s the tare sauce (dipping sauce), and it’s THE BOMB.

My instincts were right. It’s got something sweet to it, something that smells ever-so-slightly fermented, and certainly a touch of mirin as well as ponzu. They kept the ingredients classified in the end, but one of the shareholders revealed that it does have a bit of sake in it. No wonder it blended so beautifully with the acidity of the daikon, onions and garlic – when you dip your cooked wagyu into the sauce, the meat texture softens, and it tastes divine.




Because Indonesians can’t live without chili.

Now since most of us at the table are BIG fans of gyutan (beef tongue), they cut up 2 servings of this 125g bowl for us.


The thing about gyutan is that you only need to dip it into the boiling pot for a couple of seconds, and it’s ready for you to dig in. And collectively, we gorged it all up way before we even got to the wagyu servings.

Since they haven’t start serving gyutan to the general public yet, you might just have to come back to JIMO Shabu a few more times until you get a taste of this …







And just in case this feast isn’t enough to fill your belly (highly unlikely), you can actually ask for items from Ikana-Ikana’s menu downstairs and make your orders to the staff to help yourself some more.


Otherwise, go satisfy your wagyu cravings for way less right now. You get to eat clean, healthy soup, an abundance of quality wagyu, plus fill your daily recommended servings of veggies. Trust me, you’ve got to try that tare sauce at least once in your life. You’ll see the difference immediately in comparison with other household shabu names in town.


ジモ JIMO Shabu

Pantai Indah Kapuk
Elang Laut Raya
Jl. Pantai Indah Selatan 1 No. 30, 2nd Floor
Jakarta Utara 14470
+62 (0)21 5596 6477, 5596 8101
Visit Facebook page at Ikana-Ikana Seafood Cafe & Restaurant
Follow @ikana2seafood on Twitter

Operating hours:

M – S 11:00am – 10:00pm


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