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If there is one non-Fifty Shades romantic movie you should watch this year, it’s this.


It’s called Playing it Cool, a Justin Reardon-directed romcom slated to be out the day before Valentine’s Day in the US and God knows when in the rest of the globe. Can’t believe I’ve only discovered the trailer last week, and so many familiar faces in one cut! Imagine …

  • Captain America working under Falcon
  • Chris Evans – hunkscreenwriter, realist – in that order
  • Eddie Brock giving sage advice to Steve Rogers
  • A brutal duel between Human Torch and Mr. Fantastic
  • All this happening in San Francisco
  • You, as the beautiful and sweet Michele Monaghan
  • You, as Wonder Woman



Even though you can pretty much tell how the story’s going to end (it’s one of those men-and-women-can’t-be-friends slash boy-meets-girl, boy-falls-in-love-with-girl, boy-has-to-fight-for-girl kind of story, you know?), I can feel this is going to be worth the watch for all of the above reasons.

What do you think?



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