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How to look and feel more powerful


tumblr_m35q6jWw3y1qa70eyo1_1280Ever second-guess yourself? I’m sure you have. Everyone does at some point – whether it’s during a first date or a job interview.

Truth is, overcoming insecurities can be done in a split-second, but only if you recognize them. Here are two no-nonsense ways I found useful to pull myself together at once:


1. Don’t hunch too much.

The mind-body connection works both ways – you can change your postures to change your mental state and vice versa. According to Harvard Business School researchers, typing on tiny devices can make you feel less confident of yourself.

It’s a no-brainer, really, because if you’re used to hunching over your little cell phone, you’re more likely to round your shoulders and hold yourself back from speaking up.  Study co-author Maarten Bos, Ph.D., found in the study that open postures do a lot of good for your manliness: They raise your pain thresold, increase your testosterone levels, and decreases stress-related hormones.

In hindsight you and I both know this works for the lasses too. So girls, chin up, shoulders back, and strut with those incredible hips of yours.


2. Get real and get ambitious.

Willpower – the energy that disciplines you to get to the gym but you’d rather don’t, and the same energy that holds you back from grabbing the dessert – is finite as we know it. But if you desire a big enough reward at the end of the line, say, a particular role in the leadership department, you might potentially become a high-achiever, according to the people at the Technical University of Munich.

Subjects were asked to perform two film roles, a domineering father in Dead Poets Society and then a no-laughing comedic act for Ice Age, while researchers measure their willpower not to laugh. Unsurprisingly, those who played the dominant role first will themselves more to control their emotions and not laugh, compared to those in the control group who only watched the role play and try not to laugh.

So does it mean you have to improve your acting skills on dominant roles to increase your willpower stamina? Far from that – you need to tap into the underlying desire that are much, much larger and broader than the specific goals you’d like to achieve, explains Allison Yarrow on TIME.

I know how obvious the findings from these studies may seem, but IMO there’s significance in reaffirming the obvious: They back the long-held and much-believed principle that works across all peoples and cultures – that, say, being a good, healthy example is something wiser to put your focus on than avoiding to appear fat, ugly, and broke.

If there’s one thing that we all need to avoid, it’s selling ourselves out to our own insecurities.

Take charge.




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