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On repeat: Hold On


shel-01There’s this song that’s been stuck in my head for weeks now. You may already know I just had my engagement photoshoot about 2 weeks ago, and the results are amazing; judging from the raw files on our photographer‘s camera, there’s really not much to edit. One (of the many!) unique thing about shooting with him was that he’s always carrying background music to make his couples loosen up. Though I’ve modeled a couple of times in the past, I’d always turn into the stiffest and most rigid person whenever the camera lights turn to me. But surprisingly, during our 2-day shoot, we got the shots from one location after another so fast, mostly because I was with my beau (so it feels really candid and not so much just mere posing). But a large part of this ease was because of this one song playing in the background:

It’s a collab between folk-pop quartet SHEL and Northern Irish singer-songwriter Gareth Dunlop called Hold On. The song was written to become a soundtrack of another one of Nicholas Sparks’ novel-turned-movie, The Best of Me (2014), which, honestly, had such predictable plot that I was half-asleep throughout the entire screening (though I’m a MAJOR fan of The Notebook (2004); watched the Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams pair-up at least a dozen times now)1.

Nevertheless, out of all the ballads on our photographer’s playlist, Hold On was the only one that made us warm up pretty quickly, at least, for someone (my man) who gets professionally shot once in a blue moon, he’s excellent. At one point he was holding his bladder, and I, too, during the shoot in another location. But we always get the shots whenever Hold On starts to play. I think it’s not so much about the lyrics that create the sparks between us instantly (yes, for some magical reason it’s instant), as the song’s about having hope in a lost love. It was more about actually holding on to our poses that feels almost effortless, because we start moving and get comfortable and then keep holding the giggles about each other’s gestures. That’s what you naturally do when the background melodiously and ever so gently reminds you to hooooold on, hooooold just a little longer, right?




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  1. P.S. CW’s adapting a whole TV series based on the relationship between the young Noah and Allie’s. YESSSSS! Which actors do you think would fit the roles? []
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