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The first and loveliest diary entry on his new Note 2

He asked me to check my e-mail. Turns out, I’ve received a pleasant surprise!

He’s making a diary with his new gadget (the Galaxy Note 2). Seeing this little gift, I can’t help but smile :D


“Love is loyalty, honesty, and happiness regardless of any condition.”

“Behind a man’s success is a woman who continues to give him support using the power of love.”


Thank you, love <3 (and many thanks to @KamusCewek for making my man understand us women better :p)

I had a stroke of inspiration too today to write him a very simple poem, which I sent through BBM (and also before I found out about this diary entry). I hope it inspires anyone who’s reading this blog entry too :)


If there’s one thing

ahead that looks promising

is my journey of learning

to receive your love.


With your perfecting,

improving that lovin’ feeling,

with joy you got me thinking,

“God, I am loved.”


Hope you are smiling.


Today, I learned that it’s important to tell the one you love that you love them. While you’re at it, remember to smile :)


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