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21 irresistible things you’ll love about the engineering boyfriend



Guess what: Today is Engineer’s Day in Singapore. Yes, there is such a thing, and it’s a worldwide thing, except in Indonesia.

I cared because my older brother is one, my boyfriend is one, my best friend is one, and I find myself attracted to the engineering type the whole time I was consciously single. While I’ve welcomed other types and learned to tolerate many things, I still come back to the ones in engineering. You know – the ones who stays in the lab till 6 in the morning, doesn’t shower, and heads off to a morning class immediately.

Besides how obviously intelligent they are, I didn’t really understand why I’m so inclined to these guys until I give myself time to ponder upon it now.

Just woman to woman, here’s why you’re far better off with that bespectacled guy than with Mr. Abercrombie & Fitch:


He’s cute.

I don’t know why the media always portrays engineers as unattractive. You see, nerds and geeks are very different (think Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield) – geeks tend to be more socially aware than nerds are. The engineering guys I’ve met are all but hermits – it’s how I met them in the first place. Believe me all you want, but they all happen to be cute. Best of all, they don’t even know it.


His glasses.

Tell me this isn’t just me: Most men think women want humongous muscles and protruding veins. Tell you what – it’s creepy. Women love a good mix of openness and mysteriousness, and a pair of warm eyes hidden beneath those thick, big glasses do just that. It makes us curious, it makes us want to get to know you more, and it makes us wonder what you’re like without them on. It’s like bra for men.


His genuine smile.

The engineer usually keeps a straight, non-expressive face all day. Understand that he’s either building some kind of a robot prototype or working on a complex solution to figure out where he’s overlooked a chain reaction. So if he suddenly sees you and reacts with a smile, know that it’s a raw, heartfelt, right brain-induced, it’s-really-nice-to-see-you smile. Beware of le adorable blush.


His messy hair.

You know that scruffy hair this guy always has whenever you see him? Yeap, it’s enviable (the volume!), but it’s also really, really adorable. Not the slightest hint of gels – just a lot of #iwokeuplikethis hair for you to pet touch.


His smarts, obviously.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said that great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, and small minds discuss people. While you can’t usually avoid small talks on social encounters, you’d most often find yourself with nothing else to talk about after you’re done talking about people, places, and things. Well, the engineer boyfriend is your guy to discuss everything from the current affairs to the latest neuroscience research to ancient stoicism to the state of the economy in the last decade – he’s rich that way. Now you won’t have to worry about running out of intellectual conversations.


His geekdom.

The engineering guy usually has something he’s passionate about – whether it’s reading or photography or playing music or video games. Being geeky is being fully immersed in a particular world, and he actively loses himself in that world because he’s always curious and that it keeps his sanity in check. He’ll go crazy if he’s working endlessly in his lab without a good distraction. Rest assured you’ll never get bored with this guy and his passions, although thou shall never tell him to do the laundry while he’s playing Minecraft.


He remembers details.

Of course he does. He’s professionally trained to be perfect at first try. The slightest miscalculation can make things go wrong in the lab, how can he not remember what not to do next?

Remember that time you mentioned you saw a pair of pretty strawberry-shaped earrings while on your way to work? Or that white eyelet skirt you wore during your second date that had one hole torn? He may not recall the name of your friend’s crush or your neighbor’s new cat, but he remembers the earrings and the skirt. You see, he cannot not remember things about you because he’s constantly figuring you out, like with his experiments in the lab. Speaking of which …


He tries to understand you.

We women are nearly impossible to figure out. In the dating world, most men chicken out once something goes wrong. But the engineering boyfriend holds on to give it another try.

You can bet on this just by seeing how industrious he is in his work. Other than sheer curiosity, his drive to understand things better – even if it takes meticulous work and long hours – is a given that with him, you’ll feel like the only woman in the world.


He’s a fixer.

This goes in hand with my previous point: He fixes things. Everyone screws up at one point or another, but he doesn’t run away from problems. As a woman, we might still have to do the whole “we have to talk” first, but you know in the end he’ll sit down and figure it all out together with you.


His open ears.

The thing about these guys is that their mindsets are firmly fixed to the laws of nature and the amount of truths they’ve gathered throughout their engineering career. It is precisely because of this eye for truth that they don’t have ultimatums on their agendas: He’s got an open mind.

You’re always welcomed to talk things through and know he won’t judge or criticize or reason his way out of your problems. He’s there to listen intently and offer help only if you ask for it … unless he’s Tony Stark.


He’s picky.

Just because he doesn’t have a particular preference when dining out doesn’t mean he’s easy to please. He’s so far from that.

Men love boobs. Men love legs. But not all men love just that. The engineering guy wants much, much more than package design, and you should consider yourself extremely lucky he picked you. Just as how some women keep a shopping list of qualities they’re looking for in a guy, this guy looks for the whole thing in one strong, curvaceous, easy-to-hold hardware – interesting features, impressive apps, simple interface, stable operating system, virus-protected, lifelong guarantee, and most important of all, a very big heart :) Yes, when I said he wants the whole thing, I really meant he wants the whole thing.


He’s dedicated.

The most successful engineers are the ones who’ve stuck around for years, making as many failures as they can in order to come up with a viable product that solves world-class problems. Heck, you can’t even pass for a Bachelor’s degree in any field of engineering if you don’t show that level of commitment to your service.

Well, this guy is just like that when he’s in a relationship: Just as he will do things he doesn’t feel like doing in his line of work, he will do things he’d rather be grunting about and put off later so as to keep a strong, healthy, and thriving relationship with you. Trust me – he’s going nowhere.



He’s romantic.

I actually believe all men are romantic when they’re in love, but this guy is, like, top-level romantic. He does the unthinkable just for you, and more often than not, those things are like bullets to your heart.

How does he do that? Well … he’s smart, so he’s efficient, so he doesn’t overthink things and avoids getting too elaborate. And because he’s got both a ticking mind and heart, he truly knows what makes you tick.

He doesn’t want to go the safe, yet overdone chocolates-and-roses route; he knows that in exchange for your heart, he has to go all the way to customizing his gifts. Not to mistake this as a prince charming, I’d-die-for-you way – it’s usually very simple, but hits you hard and tears you up quickly … very on-point, like hitting the bullet in a darts game.

If that‘s not romantic, I don’t know what is.


He’s honest.

Much like the authenticity in his smile, this guy is sincerely in love with you. He doesn’t woo you and dozens of other girls just to feed his own ego – the engineering guy doesn’t have time (and the heart) for that. When he does things, he always has a point.

Like I said, he’s usually very picky, so if he’s into someone, it’s really just that one lucky gal – no games, no mind tricks, just a sweet hello in hopes you’ll respond :)


He’s modest.

If there’s any type of guy who’s got a healthy level of pride and self-esteem, it’s the engineering guy. He garners his confidence through a history of hard work and persistence, and he gets himself back up whenever he’s hit a low with a heart that’s eager to learn.

All men possess pride, but not all men can readily admit he’s wrong when he makes a mistake.


He can swallow his pride.

Along with the previous point, the engineering guy isn’t scared to reveal his vulnerabilities to you. He’s man enough to show his weaknesses to you, and he decidedly opens up about them with you (again, you’re very fortunate he’s sharing his most intimate side with, out of everyone else, YOU).

If he’s not able to do something, he’ll tell you up front. If he’s hurt, he’ll tell you how it hurts. If he needs help, he won’t hesitate to ask for it from you. He understands that a relationship is a teamwork – not battle of egos. He won’t wait for you to apologize first when he knows he’s in the wrong, because he wouldn’t risk losing you for anything, even for the need to protect his pride.


He’s emotionally stable.

Okay. Some of us women turn into monsters once a month (ehem, that would be me). That’s why we need partners who are far less sensitive and spontaneous and volatile. The engineering guy is sensitive, more so than other guys, but you can bet he can cool off your head when there’s too much stuff going on in there. Whether it’s your cramps or your hair falling out or that you’re breaking out, he won’t mind you fussing about it while he’s smothered with empty chocolate boxes you gobbled all day. Just don’t take advantage of his patience, because everyone’s got a limit.


He’s financially stable.

Just as he levels his emotions, he knows it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Most guys go into engineering because it’s one of the college majors that offers some of the highest-paying jobs when you graduated out of it, no matter what the economy looks like. People depend on engineers to improve existing systems so we can all lead simpler, more cost-efficient lifestyles. This is why your engineering boyfriend will always provide have cash on hand and provide you with everything you need.

The nature of his work forces him to think things in the long-term view as well, so you can be sure your guy is wise enough to know what to bank on (and what not to) for your future together.


He’s loyal.

That said, when you become his girlfriend, you become the biggest investment he’s made for his future. Think about that: He’s not going anywhere unless you want him to or that somewhere along the line, stupidity took over him (very unlikely) – it’s your call or his loss.


He’s the boss.

You’d think that you love him a little less after knowing he’s weak, he’s vulnerable, he disappoints you, he’s failed again at his job, and that he doesn’t understand you as much as you want him to. But no … he brings you down into this bottomless hole called love, and it’s deeper than anything else you’ve ever experienced.

He starts to become something you care about more than anything else in this world. It doesn’t bug you as much anymore if he’ll do that laundry already or not, or if he’s gonna eat breakfast before heading right off to work today. You prepare those things for him regardless, because the way it works doesn’t have anything to do with whether he’ll listen to your nagging or not. It’s about you wanting him to put on clean clothes and him keeping up the good energy through noon while he’s at work – it’s more of him and less of you. He needs you just as much as you need him, you see.

Like you, he’s weak. Like you, he’s vulnerable. Like you, you disappoint him at times, fail him many times, and doesn’t even understand how his mind works most of the time.

One thing’s for sure though: He’ll never do anything to hurt you.


You can trust him.

They keeping saying trust is hard-earned because it’s really that hard. The engineering guy knows your worth and is the guy who’s willing to work his ass off to get you to lean on him – not with his money, not with his car, and certainly not with his biceps – but with a really big heart. You can’t count on him 100% of the time (’cause he’s still human), but you know he’s got the heart and is always eager to do his best. Heck, this guy  – a loyal, committed, and dedicated man of dignity – could even lead you to believe in yourself even when you never really did, and I’m speaking from personal experience.

In the words of my engineering boyfriend, his girlfriend is “a trophy” that he’s earned and should always treasure. I may never fully understand what he sees, but you know you can count on your engineer guy to keep his word as if it’s etched in stone.


Anything I missed here guys? In any case, I wish you a happy engineer’s day!



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