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Coffee Kulture, pig culture ;)


You know I’m going to be pretty biased when there’s pigs involved.


 It’s the most hyped-about bun on Instagram, and this isn’t even my first visit.

Coffee Kulture was only established at the beginning of this year, but it’s quickly well-received for many reasons:

1. They had this awesome promo on weekdays.


  • Monday: FREE 1 portion of Piggy Pao for every IDR 100,000 spent.
  • Tuesday: FREE 1 portion of Banana Roll for every 2 cups of coffee ordered.
  • Wednesday: FREE 1 portion of Volcano Cassava for every IDR 100,000 spent.
  • Thursday: FREE 1 portion of Bitter Ballen for every 2 cups of coffee ordered.
  • Friday: FREE 1 portion of French Fries for every IDR 100,000 spent.
2. Considering how affordable they are, you wouldn’t expect their stuff to be this good.
3. They’ve got the perfect small space that provides an intimate setting for you to work, read, or simply wind down after a long day.

It’s just a neat café for when you want to get away from the crowd.

4. Piggies.


Told you, biased ;p

Anyways. If you’ve been around here for a while, you know I can’t tolerate coffee. There are so many indie coffeehouses opening up in recent months, but I seldom make a formal review about them because I can only drink their lattes and teas. So this post will be no different. Sorry I can’t serve the coffee lovers out there :(

Apart from the piggies, what I love about Coffee Kulture is that they aren’t strictly a coffeehouse. It’s a neighborhood bistro where people can get their cups of joe and grab a decent meal. They have everything from sandwiches to dim sum, from light bites to main courses. These eats are meant to complement their rich selections of drinks – a host of coffee, iced blends, tea, juices, and chocolate drinks, plus a bunch of unique signature drinks.

For my visit this time, I considered it as my brunch.

We opened with the Landak Pao (IDR 22,800), or porcupine buns. They’ve just introduced this item a few months ago, and when I found out the filling was bloated with NUTELLA, I knew I had to give it a bite.


How can anyone not love this? It’s nu-friggin’-tella. The dough was also delicate, so you can taste a lot of the nutella in one bite.

Then came my baby boo Hot Matcha Latte (IDR 32,000).


You can request for the baristas to produce various kinds of latte art, and I asked for Mr. Piggy. There have been studies in the past decade showing that when you take pleasure in the food on your table, you absorb more nutrients out of it12. I couldn’t help but keep smiling and taking pictures of it throughout my meal … because it keeps smiling at me. It’s super foamy though, so Mr. Piggy quickly got old and thin.


Taste-wise, I still prefer Starbucks’ green tea latte because they use soy milk and is less sweeter than this one. This isn’t to say that it’s too sweet for my taste, because what makes its body so rich and robust is the fragrant matcha here. You get a strong kick from the dairy as well, so if you’re lactose intolerant, I don’t recommend it.


And then, of course, the beloved Piggy Pao (IDR 20,800). One of the trio had a missing eye :( I enjoyed the Piggy Paos on my previous visits more, because the salted egg filling in this one wasn’t as viscous as before. The buns, however, have sized up significantly, although the dough is still as delicate as ever. Just look at those protruding snouts, I couldn’t stop squishing them … *aaaahhh* o(>.<“)o


Now this is one of the mains we ordered, the Green Spicy Chicken Rice (IDR 45,000). The chicken was chunky and good – it’s gentle inside and just the right amount of crisp outside. Greens are also fresh, and the green chili is EXTREMELY SPICY. EXTREMELY. It’s the classic so-good-that-it-hurts taste. You can play down the spice with lots of kecap manis on the rice, along with the luscious chicken, but still … the green chili was so, so hot that I could only stand the liquids of it. The minced lumps were intense.


I ordered the Exotic Stir Fry Fettucini with Seafood (IDR 50,000). You have some options with your exotic stir fry pasta: Spaghetti or fettucini, topped with chicken or pork or seafood.

For something that’s called ‘exotic’, this isn’t all that exotic (maybe for tourists, but surely not for locals). It tasted a lot like regular Chinese-style fried kwayteow with lots of soy sauce, although I have to give them credit for the quality of the seafoods and that the shrimps are peeled3. Seafoods are big and juicy and delish, and frankly, this kwayteow fettucini pasta was tastier than many fried kwayteows/pad thais out there. The noodles are not too bulky or oily, so it’s got a more concentrated taste and flavors from the condiments.


Aaaaand after all these hearty dishes I’m still playing with le piggies and their noses. Can somebody pleasseeee gimme a real mini pig ….. ><“




Previously … 


UFO Rice (IDR 45,000)

Spaghetti Balacan (IDR 55,000)


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Coffee Kulture

Jalan Pluit Timur Raya No. 37
Jakarta Utara 14450
+62 (0)21 660 2234
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Operating hours:

M – Th 11:00am – 10:00pm
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