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“One ought, every day at least, to hear a little song, read a good poem, see a fine picture, and, if it were possible, to speak a few reasonable words.” (Johann Wolfgang van Goethe)

Headed straight to Earth Cafe & Market Bali after touchdown …

  … and it wasn’t even my idea. Hubby is such an Acts of Service person (out of the 5 Love Languages) – he knew this is one of my favorite cafes, and it doesn’t stop there. “Babe, look at the camera!” So I did. I always have a hard time choosing what to order […]

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Stumbling upon this cool shop while in Amsterdam …

  While strolling down Haarleemmerdijk straat to get tea from Tea Bar, We saw a cool storefront that may look quite dingy to most, but would surely attract the most enthusiastic coffee, tea, and spices lovers. Before discovering Food & Wine‘s list of the best tea shops in the world, I should’ve known that I’ve just stumbled upon one by pure chance! Now […]

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Favorite mascara at the moment, Spanish Steps vibes


DSC09587 copy
Sans mascara = Sparse lash :(

DSC09589 copy

DSC09593 copy

DSC09596 copy

DSC09600 copy

When people ask me who does my everyday makeup, they usually look surprised when I tell them I do it myself. Every girl does their own makeup, right? Apparently not. The only reason I always avoid makeup artists to do my makeup, even for special occasions, is that I know my best features and want to highlight them, and leave the unnecessary stuff (in my opinion) out of the way. Things like BB creams, bronzers, luminizers, fake eyelashes (I really don’t like this one …) and whatnot, lest they use products that can really harm the skin.

Thing is, growing up, I always thought makeup basics like putting on foundation, lipstick, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara is just another category of the basic life skills no girl should miss. As early as when I was 11, a friend already taught me how to put on a 3-shade palette for bigger, bolder eyes. Why? We’re Asians and we all need extra lids and fillers.

Fast forward till my college era in the States and careering in visual arts as a student. You actually pay to learn how to tell the difference between cast shadows and form shadows (here’s a brief guide), you have to use all keys from the value scale whilst separating light from shadow on your paintings and that’s called applying chiaroscuro, and all you do is blend blend blend for 6-8 hours straight. The extracurricular project I didn’t notice I had done all these years was putting on eye makeup before going to class almost every single day.

Well, the skill has proven to be handy, because whenever I decide not to put on mascara (for the lack of a reliable one in the local market), the least I can do to enlarge my flat, monolid eyes is blending shades to create the illusion of depth and prevent looking like Pucca when I smile.

So no mascara? No problem … except I always have this icky feeling in the back of my mind whenever I’m done getting ready, as I’d love to have even more depth with some super duper black mascara.

The most reliable mascara I’ve ever worn was the classic Maybelline Great Lash. Ever since my move back to Jakarta though, it’s been an endless journey to find an equally reliable lash-defining mascara that has a similar price tag and doesn’t clump. More importantly, one that’s not waterproof – it takes extra time to clean!


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Tea perfume?! WANT!

  We’ve talked tea nose and essential oils and smelling stuff for therapy but … an actual wearable, spray-on, true tea-soaked fragrance? YES, PLEASE. And if you’ve been around the blog for a while now, you probably know my favorite type of tea, and you can guess which one of the six I’m eyeing at1. But if also know […]

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Photo diary: Seeing beauties at Keukenhof 2016


One To-STLWR item, checked! <3


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