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Casual night at Belly Inc


So here’s another new establishment in PIK (it’s getting endless).


By its exterior and general impression on its recent buzz, Belly Inc doesn’t exactly hold the top spot on my list. As with plenty of other eateries around the area, you can sit down and have a proper meal without dressing up or paying much. Little did I know that something so casual is worth the drive, especially when you’re starving on weeknights.


The shop houses 2 floors, with each separating non-smoking rooms and smoking rooms with glass doors.  Trust me, you can dress in a tee and flip flops and you’ll fit right in the standard space. It’s not exactly the homiest ambiance nor it is the most spacious area for big meals, but stay with me for a moment and you’ll be digging the treats.

Their menu offers both Asian and Western mains. These are items you would expect to see on almost every East-meets-West restaurants, such as fried noodles, fried rice, and pastas and steaks.

For our appetizer, we had the Belly Belly Chicken (IDR 25,000).


I love its crispy texture and the not-so-salty taste, and it was delish as it is without tomato or chili, but the chicken was to small. There’s very little meat to bite on, and the bones are fried to tender too.

Then we tried the Aglio Olio pasta (IDR 40,000). Pick your pasta choice out of fettuccine, spaghetti, and penne. This one’s your average spaghetti.


It’s so average that a slow cooker could’ve easily made this. The spaghetti was cooked al dente, and though there’s more than enough pasta to fill your belly, just a bit more olive oil can go a long way.  As much as I love parmesan, you can see pretty clearly that what made this bowl taste so dry was the excessive parmesan sprinkled toward the end.

Then we had the Grilled Salmon Steak (IDR 130,000).


Honestly, I feel it wasn’t worth its price tag. The steak was quite meaty and I liked that the sauce wasn’t all too sweet, but the white rice was served at a bulkier portion than the steak. We easily finished everything else except the rice here.

When foodies gather

Then we had the famed Tak Tik Tuk Noodle (25,000).


Now this one’s worth a try. It’s basically mie tek tek, a traditional Indonesian street food you can find everywhere with too much MSG. I love the chili sauce that comes with it, but without the sauce it was great as it is. The noodles are soft and sticky, and it was all seasoned just right. Something about this noodle reminds me of hawker centers in Singapore …

Speaking of the Lion City, we also noshed on their Hainan Chicken rice (IDR 40,000).


You rarely find legit places in Indonesia that successfully emulated the true taste of Singapore’s chicken rice, but this one’s closer than most. Everything tasted on-point, but the rice was a bit undercooked (and more chicken please …). It was still bristly as you bite in your mouth, and the soup didn’t help. Yet I should mention again that this dish earns extra points for the delicious chili sauce.

Then there’s the Gyutandon (IDR 85,000).


Since I love tongues, this will be a biased opinion. It was tender, well-cooked, and blends beautifully with rice. Initially I thought this would just be one of those donburis that are too sweet and too dry, but it’s the exact opposite. Just don’t eat it when it’s cold.

This is my own bowl of ‘Pinggiran’ noodle (IDR 25,000).


I was happy to get the chili sauce on this meal too. Judging from how ordinary this noodle bowl looks, you wouldn’t set the bar high before digging right into it … but I love it. The noodles are soft and springy. That kind of texture blended so well with the plump, juicy chicken and mushrooms as well as the crunchy stalks and sprouts. I poured every last drop of the soup in my bowl and enjoyed it even more. Growing up and living in an area in Jakarta that’s studded with bakmi, this is actually worth coming to Belly Inc for.

Last but not least, here’s another heart-shaped steak, and it’s a Grilled chicken steak (IDR 85,000).


While it’s the steak was tasty, you can see clearly that the side fries and veggies are served at just about the amount of the steak itself. Love the savory sauce combined with the mushroom cutlets on top, and chicken was nice cooked to ooze just enough juiciness for a steak, but I’d definitely want a bigger portion of it for a really full belly.

The verdict? As you’ve seen, my opinions vary between dishes, but the stars would be their Tak Tik Tuk Noodle, ‘Pinggiran’ Noodle, and Gyutandon. I’d agree to come back again for the simplicity of it all (they even have a dish called Nasi Goreng Biasa Aja, which literally means your average fried rice), and certainly hope Belly Inc will continue to deliver as they did during this visit.

Have you tried Belly Inc?


Belly Inc

Pantai Indah Kapuk
(nearby Gastro Alley)
Jl. Pantai Indah Barat
Rukan Crown Golf Blok D No. 20
Jakarta Utara 14470
+62 (0)21 2921 0551
Follow @bellyinc on Instagram

Operating hours:

M – S 11:00pm – 10:00pm



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