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My ordinary day and extraordinary 22nd birthday present


So today, I turn 22. Big deal.

From last night until today, I keep getting best wishes. from last light onward and throughout the day, I keep getting those wishes. I really appreciate all of them.

I really didn’t want to make it a big deal, because I’ll get caught up and get behind with my homework. But, you know, it is a big deal. You’re another year older.

In the morning I woke up with missed calls from my baby. I had my breakfast, then we talked on the phone for a couple of hours. I listened to his bad day at work and we have the same work ethics (except for the being punctual thing). He listened to me crying all morning about, well, the usual, how depressed I feel with life over here. How depressed I always see people in my school in my major so passionate about their art while given the chance to work in the industry, while I feel I’m supposed to feel lucky but I feel imprisoned and I don’t care a bit of those stuff because I don’t belong here. I have to keep dividing some time between my homework and my writing and reading time. I still read everyday, I still write everyday. No matter what, I have to keep educating myself in my field.

But it’s just getting too much. I’m taking 5 classes now and graduation is my commitment right now. I can’t afford to lose track with my passion before I earn the degree out of here. The sooner I get out of school the sooner I can pursue my passion.

Anyway. Enough of the crying – last night, I received a note about a package USPS left behind at the nearest post office. I was wondering what it was, because I didn’t go online shopping recently. Then I thought, well, it must be my baby.

So I went to the post office, and there it was, a huge package I was scared it’ll be too heavy for me to carry back home, especially if I have to carry it on the 38-Geary bus, which is always a crowded one.

Then, it’s not heavy. Thank goodness. When I came back home, I immediately opened it, and there it as … the cutest bouquet of piglets I’ve ever seen so far in pictures.

And they’re here, right now, right by my desk to keep me going everyday and lift up my spirits when depression takes me over.

I spent one whole hour just taking photographs of it with my Polaroid.

Then I did some of my homework for some time, and went off to school for my creative writing class.

We handed in our first draft of a poetry assignment today. We read Jorge Luis Borges, e e cummings, and some other poems today. Always an interesting class when it involves a pen and a paper and literature just playing out my imaginations.

Anyway, the piggies are really, really cute. It makes me more positive about my homework, leading up to building my portfolio. Which I’m not going to really use for my future career. It’s sad, I know, but it really was my fault too. 6 years ago, I tried to impress my mom and now I’m just fooling myself in thinking the more laborious a work looks like the “better” it should be, when it’s not. I mean, if you don’t have the heart to do it, you won’t be able to do a good job.

Love what you do.

And I’m only 22. Fairly happier birthday than the previous one. Actually, much more happier than the previous one. 21 years old is so overrated.

And yes, I have the same birth date as Steve Jobs. The man was my man. I use all his products. Don’t we all?


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