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I'm a housewife with an extremely loving husband. An introvert, a compulsive reader, bookstore frequenter, visual thinkerphilosopher of sorts, just plain nerdy really, can't live a day without tea and doesn't eat pork.

I hate being called Stacy/Stacie - so don't. And don't ask why.

This is a personal blog. Technically I've been blogging since I was 12 or so. But recently I gave myself time to ponder the purpose of keeping a blog at all. Like, what does mine actually stand for? I've set up a private blog to figure it out, but it felt redundant. I've been super consistent with my post schedules for years, trying to gain traction for SEO ranks, but not so much with my own voice.

Time came when I must decide whether to keep this platform alive or not - that's when I started asking God what I really stand for.

I know at the end of my life God is going to do an internal audit of me. With what I've recently been through, his opinion of me is the most important one of all. I just want God to make use of all my gifts and talents, so I don't waste this life. So here I am, taking stock of my life one inventory at a time.

It's easy to obsess over what you think of me as long as I keep this blog. So I made some rules for myself that I think you deserve to know (it helps if you refer to the legals as well):

  1. I allow myself only 2 days a month to upload new posts and/or edit old posts.
  2. I regularly look through archives to edit/delete posts that just aren't relevant anymore. So the post dates aren't always accurate. Still, I hope you trust that in time the whole blog will be told by a voice that's always consistent and ever in character.
  3. No more affiliate monetization model. It's confusing you and has made me spread myself too thin. It's now just me, my stuff, and you.

Again, thank you for stalking me. By choosing to keep this platform around, I sincerely hope you find my personal stories useful - one way or another.

Let's be friends.

One thought on “About

  1. Hello Stace….

    I was browsing the web and happen to hit the link to your blog. Cool blog of yours. I am Indonesian, live in Singapore.

    Pretty, passionate about what you do, and enjoy running….That’s a rare combination to find for girl :) I enjoy running too.

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