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Big brunch at Hide & Seek Swillhouse


Disclaimer: This is my review of the food served during my visit. Keep in mind that taste may change over time, depending on the restaurant’s consistency. Just keep munching~


This is such a long overdue post. Lol … my visit was around 3 months ago or so, around the time when Hide & Seek (H&S) Swillhouse was just established, and I had a blast with the Foodies at Zomato taking pictures of food at our liberty. I think it’s time for me to release this … before it rots to nothingness in my external hard drive.




The whole house was beautiful in the way that it captures the pulse of the Industrial Revolution. The props, furnitures, old spare parts and all.






The basic concept of H&S is to take you back to the era of great inventions and explorations, particularly with their vintage whiskeys, cognacs, and bourbons. But for those of you who don’t drink like me, you’ll be thrilled to know they have an equally wide selection of eats, which exudes the exoticism the Swillhouse aims to offer.




Okay. So let’s do this in the most direct way I can think of. I’m going to first provide the description of each plate as it is written on the menu, which you’ll see how redundant some of these are (as with most slightly fancy-to-upscale restaurants do, because study shows the longer the menu description is, the higher chance there is for people to buy it), then let you know what I think about them briefly. Yes, briefly, take my word this time, because there are too many pictures I’ve edited and I’ve got very little time as I’m writing this.


Jack Daniel’s Coke chicken wings (IDR 79,000)
Cola and Jack Daniel’s bourbon-infused, sweet cola-glazed, orange dipping



Serving comes in 8, and it’s certainly unique. Meat is fresh, robust, juicy even, but dip and the whole coke and Jack D infusion made the whole thing too sweet for me.


Green curry barramundi (IDR 95,000)
Pan-seared barramundi, potatoes, aubergine, green tomatoes in Thai green curry sauce served with fried shallots and fresh coriander


This was what I ordered. Doesn’t look like the most appetizing plate in the world, but I love it. Unique combo of ingredients, not as spicy as you think, but subtle (the spices) and soft (the barramundi) and a hint of zesty (the mixes of jus). Think flirty sexy.


Salted duck egg spaghetti with champignon mushroom (IDR 87,000)
Spaghetti in creamy salted duck egg sauce, champignon mushroom, cherry tomatoes and fresh basil


A pleasant surprise. Bitter goodness in a bunch: salted duck egg, basil, mushrooms … sweetened with a tone of lycopene. All creamy, all luscious, all rich in the tongue but at the same time light-bodied.

Capellini aglio e olio in white wine garlic sauce with barramundi (IDR 95,000) OR king prawn (IDR 125,000)
Angel hair, garlic white wine sauce, black olives, dried tomatoes, basil



Another mild bite with a lighter body. Angel hair was heated longer than your usuals, giving an easier twist on your fork and blend more beautifully with its ethereal sauce. The barramundi was exactly the same as the one I ordered.


As you can see, the king prawns are relatively huge. If you want to get more kick out of the bundle of sophistication (that is the lovely angel hair), go for the prawns. The flavors are more balanced here than it is with the spiced barramundi.

Bacon-wrapped John Dory (IDR 85,000)
Beef bacon, coriander pesto, ratatouille foam, buttered pasta, seared baby cos




This is amaaaze-ing, period. The one reason I’ll come back here again.

Country-style roasted chicken half (IDR 95,000)
Organic chicken, chicken gravy, country potatoes, mixed greens


Another pleasant surprise. You see little chicken everywhere in Indonesia. This one is NOT injected with hormones, but loved much, raised well, and tasted DIVINE. Tender, voluptuous, so full and so smooth … I mean, even the greens and potatoes are so refreshing, you could eat the entire chicken by yourself.

Truffle cream orechiette with pork belly (IDR 105,000) OR salmon (IDR 115,000)
Truffle cream, orechiette pasta, parmesan, crackling skin



So-so. Great for mellow days. Cooked perfectly balanced in texture, even the salmon. They matched the silkiness of the orechiette, which was served at a generous portion, btw (as with all pastas we’ve covered so far).

Pan seared pork belly (IDR 139,000)
20 hours sous vide pork belly, cider vinegar roasted apple, white beans cassoulet



The only thing I didn’t try is the one thing anyone would want to try if they ordered this one (pork). So all I can say for this one is … what a creative way to use white beans (and get your proteins too). I’ve replaced rice with barleys, bulgurs, farros, kamuts and all, but it’s never occurred to me that really, really soft cooked beans can be a viable alternative to white rice, or any other base of your meal. Its fluffiness and hearty taste was even more pronounced with the acidity from the apple. Gonna replicate this idea in my kitchen.


Now over to you: How did you like your visit to H&S?


Hide & Seek Swillhouse

Fairgrounds Lot 14
Jl. Jend. Sudirman No. 52-53
Jakarta Selatan 12190
+62 (0)21 515 0336
Visit Facebook page at Hide & Seek Jakarta
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Operating hours:

S – Th 11:00am – 12:00am
F – Sa 11:00am – 02:00am


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