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Baby powder scented candle



Speaking of teatime scented candles, I recently came across a store at PIK that smells really good. You may already be familiar with Yankee Candle, the largest premium scented candle company in the States, which I’ve never heard of until now because I’ve been keeping a distance from anything that has to do with fire, especially in recent years1.

The nose porn junkie that I am, back when I was still living in SF, I set the mood for my room with electric plug-in fragrances instead. These days, you already know I’m an essential oil junkie. When we passed by the Yankee Candle store at PIK a couple of days ago, my fiance said something along the lines of “See whether they have citronella for killing your mosquitoes” and “It’s time for you to face your fears.”

So I did.

Well, not exactly.

I still got my helpers to light up the candle. So no, I haven’t conquered my fear.

I got myself this 104g jar instead of the bigger 623g, which I originally wanted, because you can just let it start burning with a lighter and make it stop by blowing the candle. With the bigger one, however, you need a hand-held candlelighter to turn it on and off, lest you burst your jar into flames and burn down your house.

IMG_9409 copy

So why, exactly, out of the hundreds of scents at Yankee did I pick Baby Powder? Am I ready to have kids or something? Maybe. The scent just calms me down more than the rest in the store. While you may think that most of the time that I take up now is for picking flower centerpieces and cake designs for the wedding, really, all the research always goes back to learning about homemaking and raising puppies. And babies. My nurturing instincts are dying to have something to take care of with all my heart.

But seriously, you almost can’t find a fragrance like Yankee’s Baby Powder anywhere else. You see jasmines and lavenders and sandalwoods everywhere, but baby powder? No. You pick up hints of ylang ylang and musk as it burns, but really, altogether it just smells exactly like baby powder (plus bits of baby soap and shampoo). It made my room feel soft and mild and refreshed, like when a baby who’s just showered touches your skin with his delicate fingers.

2 hours of burning time will suffice the whole night. I placed the jar right on my bedside, so it really feels like I’m hugging a baby while I curl up to sleep.


Like I said, it comes with a larger size (on sale right now: USD 13.99 from USD 27.99), and the small one that I got isn’t always available online. But do keep up with their Facebook page for their latest updates as they have sales often.

For the Jakarta dwellers, below is a direction to the PIK store. The lady who assisted me during my shopping experience told me they’re opening up a store in Plaza Indonesia soon, so be on the lookout for it.

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Pantai Indah Kapuk
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Bukit Golf Mediterania
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  1. I burned my left wrist 4 years ago [1] [2] []
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