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An au naturale pore-minimizing toner


Among all skin types, mine is considered a combination of oily and sensitive skin.

These days I spend most of my time out in the sun, and I noticed my skin breaks out more easily, and my pores, those tiny hair follicles on the skin’s surface, always appear bigger amidst the hot, humid, and polluted Jakartan air. I try to get as much sleep as I can nightly in order to maximize the skin’s ability to renew itself and remove all the dead skin cells underneath those pores. With  excess oil and sebum on my skin, the end-result is a face full of clogged pores that trap dirt, debris, and other nasty things from the environment, thus making the skin even more sensitive to infection and irritation.

What pore-banishing products keep promising on their packages is a myth: Pore size is genetically determined, and you can’t make it any smaller than what you’re born with. Fortunately, you can still minimize the appearance of them, even if it’s just temporarily – and it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.


Apple cider vinegar, a gem hidden in your kitchen, is an all-natural astringent with properties that act both as an antiseptic and an antibiotic to the exposed skin. When used mildly, as with a light brush on a cotton bud, the honey-golden tannins in apple cider vinegar causes skin tissues to contract, making your pores appear slightly minimized. Upon topical contact with this cider, skin proteins coagulate to make your skin feel as if it’s binding and tightening up, thanks to apple cider vinegar’s enzymatic compounds.

Note that these dry, hardening effects only last for a good hour or two, and therefore dabbing this kitchen staple topically should be part of your long-term project in the quest of drawing out all the pore-cloggers dwelling beneath your facial skin. Why? Because the astringency of apple cider vinegar naturally works against toxins to dissolve impurities, whereas the abundant acetic acid found in the liquid can potentially protect you from getting future breakouts.

Though I’ve never really used toners as part of my skincare regimen, I now smother a thin layer of apple cider vinegar on my face twice daily: Once under my makeup and another time right after my daily facial wash, particularly at night before I go to sleep.

I find this a thrifty way that anyone can use to say good riddance to dead skin cells in the long run. Don’t expect it to work within days, though it certainly reduces the looks of my pores and also lightens up my skin over time.




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