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Afternoon bites at Paulaner Bräuhaus


If you’re craving for foods served with the big portions and delicious being so, then you’ve come to the best place in town.


Before my recent visit to Paulaner Bräuhaus, or Paulaner, now that we’re on a first-name basis, I had completely no idea what German food is like and how the rugged Germans will always have a soft spot for beers. Now for those of you who are fellow fans of the brewski, you’re sure going to love this dining spot, because the cold ones here are completely home-brewed, a.k.a. 100% legit.

The casual setting made it easy for me to feel welcomed. It’s a really large space that could capacitate up to 400 people, so you can imagine how perfect Paulaner would be for getting together to watch the World Cup, not to mention the live music you’ll also get a kick out of if you’re stopping by for dinner.

Because this is a family-style dining, as I said, you can expect whopping portions from Paulaner. This is great because by now, you should already know that I would die for a good cheese platter and a bite of a really good bread.


So for starters, we had the Bavarian cheese board (IDR 190,000), which was served with a generous basket of freshly baked bread. The basket included some rolls, some sourdough (my favorite bread!!!), some loaves of dark beer bread, and Paulaner’s famed pretzels, and yes, I know Auntie Anne’s come to mind but trust me, this one is bigger (clearly), bulkier, and much more tastier than it looks, unless you prefer the crumbly type. Not only do the breads smell fresh and feel warm in your hand, they make the perfect foundation to bite with the quality cheeses on the platter.


So it’s either I’m easily pleased or am biased: It’s so good that I can actually have everything on here as a meal by itself. The astringent Camembert spread, onions, and pickles tasted so good with the crunchy, salty stuff that’s going on in this hefty appetizer. Despite all that sumptuous goodness, we ended up taking home half of it as leftovers because our main dishes was served as we’re working halfway through the platter.

This is the house favorite char-grilled pork neck steak (IDR 95,000), and according to my company, it’s quite meaty, tender, and good.


By now you should know I’m not a pig eater (sorry …), so I can’t tell you how it tastes except for the potato salad and white cabbage on the side, by which this dish would do better without IMO. A bed of greens to consort with the brawny palate would be a better complement, as I would imagine the bitter nature of greens would go well with the steak, which was marinated in beer in the last 24 hours.

I originally wanted to try their veal escalope “Vienna” (IDR 230,000), but they were out of it as well tons of items that day. Since the whole menu practically spells P.O.R.K. to cater to its beer-guzzling, pork-grazing patrons, I had to go with something that might slightly bore you: Paulaner’s grilled sea bass fillet (IDR 115,000).


I was surprised to find that this was one of the few items on the menu that was marked with the thumbs-up sign (meaning it’s a favorite), considering how diners tend to come here for, ahem, real meat. I love how fresh the salad greens were (top right hand corner of the above picture), although I didn’t finish everything on it. Would rather fill my tummy with the lovely mashed potatoes – it’s got that nice, fluffy consistency that’s even throughout. I also love how tasty the bed of slow-roasted veggies and cherry tomatoes underneath the fillet, and the acridness of it just goes superb with the slightly crisp skin that’s salted just right. The fillet itself was done well – so it became a fairly stable stump to pour the delicious garlic butter on.


Despite how much I’ve enjoyed my meal, I’m really curious about that veal I wanted before. Has anyone of you tried it before?


Paulaner Brauhaus
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
East Mall, Level 2
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1
Jakarta Pusat 10310
(021) 2358 3871

Operating Hours:
Lunch M – S 11:30am – 06:00pm
Dinner M – Th, S 06:00pm – 00:30am
F – Sa 06:00pm – 01:30am



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