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My third Tea Drop blends



… aaand I’m back again recently to try out Wooyoo‘s new chocolate flavor~ This means another opportunity to stock up Tea Drop tea blends. With this post, I’ll have collected 9 out of 25 of the Tea Drop cubes. Yayy!

The last time I was this excited about a collection was with postcards. Now I no longer buy postcards whenever I travel – they’re heavy and pile up dust in the corner of my cupboard. Now I know these tiny tea cube collectibles aren’t exactly the most grandiose collection that you can display on some museum, but it’s still worth the pursuit. There are only a total of 25 blends, so it’s easier to complete, plus looking back at the boxes I already have now brings back the good experiences I’ve had of Wooyoo’s superb dairy-laden dessert. So yeah … I know I’m just rambling here so let’s get on with the new blends I got this time~


Honeydew Green


I thought this is going to be a more mellow blend, as it’s honey and apricot-flavored. But turns out the green tea variety used here is different from the Spring Green cube – it’s stronger than I thought, almost as heavy as long jing 龙井茶. So I didn’t enjoy this one as much, although it’s pretty vegetal for those of you looking for a major detox.


Supreme Earl Grey


This is my least favorite blend of the 3, as it does have a stronger, more robust kick than most earl grey tea bags you’ll ever try. This is arguably because of the pyramid sachets, which was designed to hold large, whole tea leaves as opposed to the usual broken leaves in tea fannings, but you can take a hint at the ingredients’ quality by tasting how prominent the citrus and bergamot notes are at your first sip, almost comparable to loose leaf servings.


Strawberry Kiss


I’m enjoying this cup now with a sandalwood diffuser in the background as I’m writing. Out of the 3, this is tHe BeSttttt!!!!!!!!! You can actually pick up the smell of sweet, fresh strawberries once your tea’s steeped. Even if you’re done with your tea, you can still enjoy sniffing into your cup for the delicate aroma like a freak :p It almost smells like strawberry bubblegum from a distance. Complexity-wise, it’s a smooth and subtle blend of floral-fruitiness on a light body, which I love. Initially, I thought this is going to be my least favorite as I thought the base is going to be black tea (fully oxidized), but it’s just oolong (semi-oxidized), melded with strawberry pieces, rosehip, hibiscus, and natural strawberry and vanilla flavors.

Speaking of tea types, I still come across many people who aren’t familiar with their differences. It’s actually pretty simple: They all came from the same plant, Camellia sinensis – just harvested differently. I’m going to explore further in a future post, because it’s 5 types of tea we’re unpacking here (black, white, green, oolong, and pu-erh). Over time, through understanding the different components of each brew, I came to learn what makes me so intolerant of black teas, and hopefully you’ll come to understand which tea is best for you too~


Which of these 3 blends from Tea Drop have you tried? And which one was your favorite?



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