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38 signs you’re with the man you’ll marry


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1. He brings you porridge/soup when you’re ill.

2. He gets you to go see the doctor, even when you don’t want to.

3. Of all the people in the world, he’s the only one who knows “I’m fine” means the total opposite.

4. In fact, he remembers your prescriptions more than you do.

5. His plans always involve you.

6. When dining out, he prefers sitting beside you than across you (you’d be physically closer side by side than you would face to face).

7. He shares his food.

8. He lets you vent. Through the courses and all the way home.

9. Despite all your complaints, he likes to show you off.

10. His family and friends adore you.

11. He’s generally more open about his shortcomings than he does flaunting his riches.

12. He’s told you you’re beautiful when you’re sick and disgusting and haven’t showered in days.

13. After all this time, he still performs the customary “gentleman”-ly gestures (opening doors, helping you to your chair, offering his hand, etc), even when especially when you told him to stop.

14. It’s his chivalry and his quirky charms that get your heart beating faster.

15. You feel safe around him.

16. At the same time, you’re more adventurous when you’re with him.

17. He’s not embarrassed to give you a piggyback ride in public.

18. He teases you, like, a lot.

19. He doesn’t get uptight about leaving you alone or hang out with your friends.

20. He can make you laugh till you cry, even if it’s at yourself.

21. You have fights about the littlest things. The two of you disagree on so many things, yet he cares to fight all night.

22. He’s committed, a.k.a. he doesn’t run away from conflicts.

23. He’s capable of leaving his pride and ego at the door.

24. He pulls you in to his chest (near his heart) and gives you that much-needed hug whenever you start crying.

25. “Hate” is the code word for “I love you so much there’s no other word that’s equally strong or stronger than love itself”.

26. He puts your needs before his own.


27. You survived a long-distance relationship together. *

28. You have fun with him even in silence.

29. You’ll never run out of things to say. Though you feel like you’ve known each other all too well inside out, there are still moments when you surprise each other with your thoughts, decisions, and/or actions.

30. Up to this day, he still showers you with flowers, chocolates, and piggy toys when you least expect them. As time goes by, these gifts are getting lavisher than ever.

31. That said, he wasn’t expecting anything out of being with you other than your presence and company.

32. While you know can go on without him in your life, you can’t imagine ever going to be as happy and/or fulfilled.

33. He makes you feel (so much more than) enough.

34. You like who you are when you’re with him.

35. In fact, he inspires you to become your best.

36. You value the same things and trust in the same God.

37. He willingly accepts every inch of you, flaws and all.

38. Deep down, your gut is already telling you he’s the one.


* : A major bonus.



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