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25 haikus and counting


It started with these two.


I drew these for 10 to express the fact that love is as simple as we allow it to be, and that you don’t need a reason (or sense) to love someone. It’s one of the many kinds of love we’ve been enjoying for almost three years.

Truth is, there are infinite ways of saying ‘I love you’ to the person you feel a gamut of emotions about, and my tendency leans toward creative expression, such as in the form of this book and this fantasy piggyland. As you may recognize, one of these emotions express itself as goofiness; You know you simply love someone when there’s a lot of teasing, bantering, and generally plenty of fun and play to it.

Granted, minions are the perfect embodiment of that tongue-in-cheek kind of affection. So I illustrated that, and it was fun.

As I got more into the haiku groove, I started to treat it as a way to get myself to sleep. I’ve been having sleeping troubles in the last couple of months, and just to be productive while I lied awake on most nights, I thought of connecting the words that were floating in my head.

Thus, a series of pattern began.


If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ll instantly recognize these haikus. There are literally dozens more in my journal that I find too crappy to put out, plus a dozen more that are fair enough but I just haven’t make time to “prettify” them yet (so they’re both Pinnable and Instagrammable).

But it puts a smile on my face when I look back and found 25 colorful icons on my archives, icons that bring me back to my train of thoughts, how I arrived at those statements, and how they serve as tiny reminders of the important things in life.

There’s more to come on my Instagram. Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them, and thank you for reading my innermost thoughts :) In the meantime, catch up on your reading with The Daily Haiku, haikus inspired by Threadless prints, the daily haikus of NYTimes and writer Dylan Joffe’s funny haiku blog, ooohhhaiku.



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