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Apologies – a minute certainly wasn’t a minute. I was dealing with a persistent wordpress problem. But no worries now, I’ve fixed it.

If you’re already following me on several social media platforms, you’ve probably seen the cute birthday cake I briefly mentioned about:



Can you believe the sheer amount of cuteness? It’s one super duper adorable pig-shaped cake, courtesy of the talented, dedicated, creative hands behind Sugarville Cake~~

And, you’ll never guess this, but beneath the fondant layer of its belly is a heavenly cake filled with chocolate and Baileys.


When I first laid eyes on it, there were tears flowing down my eyes.

It was a thoughtful gift, and the person who made this order already knew I’d love it. Thank you love <3




In case you’re wondering what’s the big deal with this piggy character, his name is Ocha, my darling mini cupig.

A cupig is a cute, cuddly, cup-sized pig, and little Ocha here is my cup of joy, my balancing act, and my precious snowball all bundled into one. I’m sure you’ve seen him a lot on Instagram, ‘coz I can’t help but share my giddiness whenever he shows up on my mind x3 How I wish he’s real …





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