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Month: June 2013

Life Lately: Rambles and shambles

    Think Like A Man FAMILY Lately, I’ve been learning that there is no substitute for family time – you have to plan it in order to have it. I’ve rescheduled a lunch with my mom from last weekend to today, but I still haven’t got the chance to have that intimate dinner date […]

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A 6 week plan: On Western thinking and Eastern healing, part 1

  Here I am, just had my third bottle of Gold Label Bak Foong Pill. I had my second bottle last Thursday. As for the case of my mood, I’m wearing my usual frown a lot lately, which was the baseline expression I’ve adopted since those 11 months without period in 2011, when life got the […]

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The road to success

We all know that there is no one-way road to achieving success. Even if there is such an established, perfectly-constructed system, no one has ever succeeded, not even those who have achieved success, in clearly showing others how to get there, though Varun Chablani has made a close call in the clever illustration below. If […]

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Cassie’s Chronicles: Your Time Is Limited.

  Chapter 2: Your Time Is Limited.   HE SMILED HIS ENIGMATIC SMILE, and I realized that at that moment, I was immediately entranced into the reality distortion field. “Are you on a family vacation or something, Mr. Jobs?” I mumbled. “Nah, just the solitude moment I take once in a while.” He took the notebook […]

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A 6-week plan: It’s all a matter of hormones.

    Last Thursday, I downed my first bottle of Gold Label Bak Foong Pill out of the six. I did my second bottle today. I discussed a bit about the primary reason why I’m taking these pills. First and foremost it’s because my mother has always asked me to, due to my history of […]

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