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Month: May 2013

Cassie’s Chronicles: Prologue

  Prologue: In Medias Res   There is but one question that ceases to leave Cassie’s mind. “Who am I?” It’s a bias, really, part of the devil’s play to distort her self-esteem. The natural skeptic, who never stops questioning her existential self and her place in the moving world around her, tends to lose […]

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Of A Sound Mind: Empower yourself

  In anticipation of Miranda Kerr’s second book, Empower Yourself, I’m actively seeking the best practices to cultivate compassion and contentment. At the first line of empowerment is a deep capacity to understand the world and our place and purpose in it.   I often break down in ways that most people who know me […]

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Particle of possibilities

  Recently, a like-minded friend referred me to this revelatory documentary that asserts many grains of universal truth. I distinctly remember that day, after finishing the documentary and taking the deepest breath I’ve inhaled to date, that I made the phrase ‘particle of possibilities’ as a mantra to push forward during my meditative mile repeats. […]

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