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Month: March 2013

What’s your blood type?

We had a glimpse of personality psychology last week with Doubutsu Uranai. Today, I want to share something similar (at least cute-wise), but a hundred times funnier than any comic strips you’ve ever seen … because they’re so true. Take a look at some of my favorite depictions of the ABO blood types drawn by RealCrazyMan:     What do […]

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An au naturale pore-minimizing toner

  Among all skin types, mine is considered a combination of oily and sensitive skin. These days I spend most of my time out in the sun, and I noticed my skin breaks out more easily, and my pores, those tiny hair follicles on the skin’s surface, always appear bigger amidst the hot, humid, and […]

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Before I commit suicide…

  I’ve been pretty open about my suicidal thoughts in the past here for a while. While cleaning up my mailbox the other day, I came upon this chain message I received a long time ago, long before the period of time I felt like ending it all and eating pills to be found dead […]

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How to live a long and happy life – according to Scripture.

  Stillwater sisters, Not so long ago, I received this chain message on BlackBerry Messenger through one of my closest friends. I thought it would move you as it’s moved me, especially if you’re trying to fill your life with true happiness, but can’t find it. Enjoy the Word.   ♥ Keep calm and carry on. No […]

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