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Grilling at Pangkep 33

Grilling at Pangkep 33


Rainy days call for platefuls of heartwarming food.



No matter the weather, Pangkep 33 has got all the spices to hearten you up and stifle your livid moods. Take a peek at the great stuff they brought to our dinner table:




Cumi Telur Bakar (Grilled squid with egg): Every bite of this tanginess was delightful – it’s soft, tart, and chewy all at once. Take a chunk out of the pulpy squid and dip it into the bowl of kecap manis (Indonesian sweet soy sauce), and I’m sure the bite will tickle your appetite as it did to mine. Definitely one enticing starter for our night.

Kangkung Bunga Pepaya (Stir-fried water spinach mixed with papaya flower buds): I grew up eating plenty of vegetables, but kangkung, or water spinach, is one of my all-time favorites because it has crunchier stalks compared to most leafy greens out there. Kangkung is almost like the go-to vegetable choice in Southeast Asian cuisines. Traditionally prepared with just a simple stir-fry and some sambal, the crisp kangkung texture and the bitter, biting buds made a perfect match for this dish. Papaya flower buds are a popular finishing touch to a lot of Indonesian dishes, and for this one they’re an excellent complement to enrich the chewy kangkung stalks and add a dash of acridity to it. Don’t forget to include those sweet tomato slices to your biteful to make everything taste extra juicy.

Kuwe Rica (Grilled trevally jack with freshly ground red chillies and chopped onion): Pangkep 33 is truly a gem for those who really want to feel satiated. Frankly I was dumbfounded to see the size of these fish when they were served, as it’s rare to find helpings as big as these in other seafood restaurants. Not to mention the bulky, fleshy treasures I found once I dug my fork deep into those vibrant bed of chillis. Careful though – it’s hot. Nonetheless worth the cry for some scrumptious flare-up inside your belly.

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