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(Closed) Getting cozier with ramen

Macaroni soup: Love the super soft macaroni and the slight viscous consistency of soup. There’s a touch of sweetness to it; its mellow taste offsetting the acrid spam. Bittersweet fried egg and cabbage slices bring every texture and taste to a balanced blend. Worth every slurp.
Baked rice with seafood and mushroom: How can you not love this dish? It’s a heavenly treat for all my fellow cheese devotees. Just imagine tasting a spoonful of fluffy baked rice, snuggling beneath the thickened blanket of warm cheese. You’ll find plenty other supple things in-between the sheets, namely juicy mussels, squishy fish, cushy scallops and many more. A much simpler deviation from the three seasons, a house favorite, yet easier on the tongue. Any taster, not limited to cheese aficionados, will surely enjoy this mushy galore.
Seafood tofu on stone plate: This marks my third time reviewing Cosi. One thing that keeps me coming back for more (other than their late business hours) is their delicious selections of hot plate tofu. Previously we ordered the vegetable tofu, and the other time the seafood tofu. There’s one other selection – the garlic tofu – which I have not reviewed so far. I’m aware that I have faithful food-hunter but whose tongue is sensitive to garlic. So I’m compromising our penchants for tofu by letting garlic go sometimes, and this is one of those times. As you can see, this time Cosi boasts its  seafood tofu with the addition of enoki mushroom stalks swimming throughout the hot plate. Seafood flavors are further enhanced with this addition, providing a clearer contrast that emanates the juicy soy flavors in tofu. I can’t live without tofu.
Marutama Ramen‘s Aka ra-men: Before Jakarta witnessed the recent boom in ramen’s popularity, Marutama Ramen was actually the first authentic Japanese outlets in town. One of their locations happen to share the same roof with Cosi, conjoining their selections of ramen with Cosi’s extensive menu to provide a richer dining experience for visitors. Aside from tofu, I’m nuts about nuts too, so the Aka ra-men was a sumptuous one for me, as it features seven different kinds of nuts. Love the thick, nutty broth and its succulent flavors. Lemon zest really brings out the dash of spiciness to the greens and noodles. The best part? Aka ra-men and other ra-mens on Marutama Ramen’s menu contains no MSG. It’s the perfect meal for the mindful who wants to indulge.





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