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A gourmand’s parlor

Nice seating to fit a whole family.
That’s me, posing.
Onlooking the ground floor.

Upscale yet cushy. Casual yet classy.


Escargot: This is what I came here for. My hip and modern mother who’s always about town told me that if you want a good escargot without the trouble of gripping giant tongs to extract the flesh, go to Porter House. So here it is: Big, fleshy, and juicy snails to indulge in, nicely coated with a thick and creamy, cheesy and garlicky sauce. It’s so sensitizing. Not recommended for those who are watching their diet.
Creamed spinach balls in melted cheese: I suspect everything on this dish was prepared ahead. Whenever there’s an order, it will be taken straight into the microwave or something. However, they do taste good. You can never go wrong with a combination of spinach and cheese. A unique bite that I haven’t seen elsewhere in other Western eateries. Sprinklings of carrots provide a teeny-tiny bit of sweetness to taste, which is pleasant. A little goes a long way.
Poached fish with red potatoes: My opinion is as blatant as the picture – this dish is obviously stingy on fish quantity. The main ingredient should have been the fish, but it’s overly embellished with the cheesy, creamy sauce, topped with big slices of lemon, and frilled with even bigger shares of red potatoes – everything in an unbalanced contrast with the tiny fish cutlets. Though taste good, they don’t go well temperature-wise. Fish is complacently fresh and warm, but the sauce and potatoes are, I think, prepared ahead (same problem as the spinach balls). I do not enjoy the warm and cool mix, though my sense of vision particularly enjoy the nicely decorated palate. Too much thought on presentation? Perhaps.








Porter House
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jl. Marina Raya, Rukan Crown Golf Blok B Unit 38-40
Muara Penjaringan
Jakarta Utara 14460
(021) 4463 2017












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