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Just landed in San Francisco


January 2012

I’m back in Frisco again. Sweet, sweet San Francisco.

Me and my room mate were just talking over how it sucked to feel this way about San Francisco. My room mate’s originally from Hawaii, a Korean-born Hawaiian. I’m a Chinese-born Indonesian. Every time, every day, at any given moment, we would feel like, “What the hell are we doing here?” We can just f*** everything – the lease, the job, the work, and everything else here, and just fly home to our homelands. That’s how homesick we feel. But heck, a sign of growing up is to do what you got to do until you make it, whether you like it or not. So, we played video games for a while until I took a shower and blogging right now, in the middle of the night, at 2am, while in Indonesia it’s 5pm. (Why does it always have to be 2am?)

I don’t plan to change the current time in San Francisco on my watch. I’ll just keep this time because I know that in about 210 days, that’s the right time I should set my watch into. That’s the right time I’m keeping myself looking forward to.

In other news… Friends of mine are getting married this September! I have all the more reason to finish my studies by that time. Another couple who I know just got married are going to have their honeymoon here in the United States. Their first destination is going to be San Francisco (rolled my eyes), but I guess it’s a romantic place anyway. So we’re going to meet up next month.

In another news… It’s 66 days until my beloved’s coming over and we can escape from reality together for about 10 days. Yay! Reality still sucks, but we’re on our way to making it okay. Reality is good, provided if we make it good. Reality is good when I grow up to become a more mature person.

Since now I’m in SF, I can start my new running schedule. This one, remember?

I’ll stop blogging now and list all the things I’ve got to buy tomorrow to revamp my room, restock my fridge, and other miscellaneous stuff you don’t want to know. Plus, I’m going to watch the new Underworld movie tomorrow, plus, school will start tomorrow at midnight.

I’ll run this semester (and the next) like a cheetah. Watch me grow! Because I know the sun shines its light everyday for me :)