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Month: October 2011

Why I can’t live without chocolate


October 2011
I remember my afternoons in my room when I am not napping – a cup of green tea with a few bites of chocolates for midday snack – the perfect refreshment after a stressful day at school. Or a happy day. Or a sad one, when no one but chocolate would make my day.

Years later and I’m still here, nibbling a Ghirardelli square (Dark chocolate with white mint, 70 calories), and I sit down here and think: My day would be incomplete without chocolate.

Just yesterday noon I went to pick up some stuff my boyfriend requested his mother to give to me while she’s here in town for vacation. When I opened the box, it was full of Ferrero’s Dark Chocolate Rondnoir balls, with almonds in them, my favorite nut. Plus a couple more Japanese mochi, dark chocolate-flavored. I promise you, though, I won’t be getting diabetes. This is why I’m stopping my munching, sitting down here, and think through chocolate I mean the reasons behind my fascination behind the dark stuff.


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You always have a choice.

Available for print from my shop on Etsy. © 2011, Stacia Priscilla   Muchaluva, Stace

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All you need to become…

© 2011, Stacia Priscilla Done in Adobe InDesign, again. A little life philosophy, again. I guess these creative softwares hold inherent symbiotic elements to my current emotional needs, so the whole typography-studying, digital drawing experience are pretty stress-busting.     Muchaluva, Stace

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Young lady gets herself pampered at home

Spring 2009   Oh, what fun. How I wish I was her.   Muchaluva, Stace

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Circus pigs

  Muchaluva, Stace

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