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Month: May 2011


POETRY   Sink or swim, lead life with might and main work hard play ducks and drakes, not. Pinch and scrape the long and the short. Keep it spick and span for the sweat is mightier than Stonyheart. His bread and butter rough and tumble – by leaps and bounds at sixes and sevens – […]

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Learn to make yourself useful.

ARTICLE May 2011     By this October, the human race will reach a peak world population of 7 billion. The United Nations predicted our globe to withstand over 10 billion people by 2085, mostly in developing countries.       Even though birth rate is stabilizing since the baby boom in the U.S., cost […]

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An oath to death

…because knowing the end is the surefire way to move forward right. I AM reading right now. As a matter of fact, I am also writing. Writing is thinking. Writing is rewriting. I accredit that thought to its pioneers –  Ernest Hemingway, Paul Abbott, and William Goldman. In the history of the world there is […]

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Romance is overrated, real connection is overlooked.

…because knowing the end is the surefire way to move forward right. I AM romancing.   Love is contagious. You can create it in all sorts of situations, even in everyday life. You don’t even have to consciously be aware that you’re creating a sense of belonging, even among strangers, you just see more similarities than […]

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