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What I learned about memory today…

…because knowing the end is the surefire way to move forward right.


I AM learning.

Today, I learned quite a bit on the psychology behind memory.

There are three kinds of memories: Sensory memory, short-term/working memory, and long-term memory, which is limitless.

After spending some time introspecting, i.e. lying on my bed and stare at the ceiling, I learned a lot about my self. I was on my back, remembering old memories and retrieving relevances from some of my strongest memories that left permanent rewiring of my mind.

This semester, which covers diverse topics of psychology, I learned a lot about the importance of maintaining a stable sense of self, and really, deciding who you are and indefinitely the ultimate principles you hold for yourself and your  life. With a lot of hindsight, you need the maturity out of life experiences to transition your self from moment to moment, from one role to another, from the present to tomorrow.

Ultimately, who you are is what you think of today.

Which is built on the thoughts from yesterday. And the day before. And the days that have long gone from the day you were born.

Every transient moment need some time-out, a space-time interval where we actually take a break from that particular subjective experience, then take a step back to see it in an objective way, and then rehearse the subject again later on, at another different moment.

(Note: The space-time interval is that space and time you take to learn through metacognition.)

Every moment passing by is like an experience whereby you are writing and editing your autobiographical self.

After all, our long-term sense of selves are built on episodic memories.

Which is why writing blog posts is awesome.



P.S. The hippocampus is very fragile. It is powerful; but it’s really fragile. So it’s important to take good care of it. Like a puppy.





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