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Month: March 2011

What I learned about memory today…

…because knowing the end is the surefire way to move forward right.   I AM learning. Today, I learned quite a bit on the psychology behind memory. There are three kinds of memories: Sensory memory, short-term/working memory, and long-term memory, which is limitless. After spending some time introspecting, i.e. lying on my bed and stare at […]

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What I learned today about the meaning of life…

As I’ve mentioned under the reading section, I’m currently reading Ego and Archetype by Edward F. Edinger. Well, doesn’t everyone question the meaning of life? I’m 100% sure we can all relate to what I’ve learned today. So I’ve gotten to the chapter where Edinger talks about the concepts of individuation. Well, let me just […]

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Caught at the movies: On line



Set -up: A man is in line for a movie in downtown San Francisco. He recognizes his friend in front of him, and he notices he is with a woman other than his wife.


10 P.M. last Saturday. Saw J on the line, eight heads after me. She was on his side.

What should I do what should I do what should I do. Whatever, man.

“Hey. Sup.” I tapped his shoulder. The big guy gave me a big smile.
“Yo, bro. Whatcha doin’ here?” Boy, he had no idea.


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Cash or check?

How much is the sum of money I am? Uncertain. Since I have to aim high, I must be valuable. (excerpt from On a rainy day, late-night cry in the shower feels good.) Literally, I now often imagine myself as a walking, talking, breathing money right now. We’re full of fluid molecules, people. We constantly […]

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Life Lessons from Zombieland

Things I learned from the 2009 hit movie Zombieland.         Muchaluva, Stace Posted with WordPress for BlackBerry.

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