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Month: February 2011

¶ Broken home

¶ Been a year; Missing homelands. The end is near, Where is my home? ¶ Always in transit; Lived a third of 21 years in the airport. When is my next flight? ¶ The whole of me builds castles among clouds. Bits and pieces, I have built. ¶ Why am I here and also there? […]

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¶ A pleasant surprise

¶ It’s dark. ¶ My cherry-red lips withstand this cold biting autumn leaves, as the crimson sky leaves the day old. ¶ One, two, three… Twelve. The petals shy, never made love; “Keep away from direct sunlight,” labelled itself.  ¶ Who art thou? Why do you care? “You’ll never know,” it says, from: Someone Far, […]

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