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“I really do need a girl…”


January 2011




– Image courtesy of Big Media Daily

“…who would support me,” said Jay Chou in a recent Taiwanese interview, according to Asianbite.

Here’s a quick info about the king of Asian pop:

  • Age: 32
  • Sign: Capricorn
  • Plays violin, guitar, piano, flute, and cello.

See how dedicated he is to music? He’s been playing musical instruments since the age of three. That’s twenty-nine years of wandering about the world in rhythms and melodies.

Consider the following irresistible characteristics:

  1. Talented, obviously.
  2. Loves to daydream ever since he was a kid.
  3. Likes novelty; likes to perform magic tricks.
  4. Hopeless romantic.
  5. Shy, quiet, and undeniably cool.
  6. Does not smoke.
  7. Does not drink.
  8. Do: DANCE.
  9. Able to deal with his emo (i.e. through his music career).
  10. Cute in his own ways, i.e. the coughing and the murmuring, plus his hideous hat.


OK. Just dreaming of him makes me melt in desperation.

As you may all know, Jay’s recently hit the Hollywood scenes, which is a major breakthrough in his career in the showbiz. The Green Hornet (which I haven’t seen, but plans to BUY the DVD [Note: I BUY all his stuff]) is now playing in theaters today.

Apparently he admitted having a chemistry with Taiwanese model and actress Lin-Chi Ling.


– Image courtesy of Women’s Beauty Life

 A dash of jealousy is jolting in my stomach.

Despite the issue with the man-should-be-taller-woman-should-be-smaller dating rule, he fully expressed his love-conquers-all attitude, shrugging off the media with a simple reply: “We’re the same height, really.” Standing at 173 cm, along with his talents and other attributes, Jay is a perfect living embodiment of ultimate perfection.

He expressed the following criteria for his supportive dreamgirl: “She must at least understand my music and we can communicate.”

“For someone like me, who puts an emphasis on my career, I really need a girl who will support me. I hope there is such a girl, apart from my mother.”

Help. I’m melting off into the nothingness.

I just want to pinch his cheeks so that they turn pink. I also want him embrace my pink cheeks. Because of him, I made myself 100% huggable too.

WARNING: From hereon, you will be reading nothing but my fiction. I’m switching on my dream mode, as I will be writing an open letter to the man I’ve been a crazy fan for nearly a decade.




Dear Jay, 

When I first listened to you, you seemed uncool to me. In fact, I pretty much judged you by your melody instead of your content. Your songs seemed pretty mainstream to me, and I personally like variety when it comes to music.

And then I started listening to Qing Tian. I know it’s so popular, so I was curious to see why does everybody go gaga over the song. You and your murmur-rapping thing going on – I thought it’s just a matter of trying to be cool, which, to me, is uncool.

I cannot recall how I came to appreciate your music, but it grew very, very slowly – pretty much like love. I listened from one track to another, and coincidentally, my eldest brother, who is just as shy and quiet as you are (but sometimes really cool), is a fan of your music. My closest cousin, too, who’s the exact opposite of shy, quiet, and cool, is a big fan of yours. He’s always updating his library with your music. He also has a special playlist of all of your music – just like I do now. 

And so I started listening to your stuff more and more. I kept watching your videos, following news about you, and followed-up your album releases every year. You are consistent – it just goes to show how serious you are with your work.

And then I bought your albums. And I kept on buying them. And I bought some more of your previous albums. Before I knew it, I’m in love with your music (And other facts about you, from what I heard in the news).

I know your real-life love stories are media-magnets, which is why I don’t trust them, even if the sources are sources I trust. I’ve never met you in my entire life, but hopes to meet you someday, even if it’s just us being in the same same room (that is, probably you having your concert and me watching you among the billions of fangirls out there). After all these years getting to know you through your music and through the scrutinizing eyes of the public, I gradually built up my castles in the sky into a realistic one. I became a media communicator (Guess what? My major is in communications!), though I still cannot understand why I became one, except for the fact that I’m the first-listener of all stories.

All those stories I’ve heard about you, filtered by my distrust of rumors about you, empowered by your positive attitude through your work – it seemed as if my castle, my work, can turn into a reality. As crazy as it may seem, your perfectionistic attitude made me to believe in my daydreaming about you that you are a trustworthy lover in romance. You maintained a good public image in your work and real life, your hardworking personality is like a straight-A schoolboy continuously making your mom proud, your East-meets-West music making a revolution and powerful influence to the industry of music, spreading across Asia and probably, someday, all over the world, all without you realizing your own power. That’s what so cute about you, even though you’re about a third older than my age.

I, too, puts an emphasis on my career, though in my special case of being a woman, I sometimes lose myself in my work, because if I have to choose, I would just rather go on with life searching for the right man for me and support him for all my life rather than working by myself until I die. In your case, I’ve died many times melting in your music and is still able to live and breathe normally. That’s pretty amazing, considering that I listen to your music whenever I’m awake and when I’m about to sleep.

In many ways, your music is just like my work. It’s undoubtedly art; a juxtaposition of rhythms you create with you he-he-ha-hi (Shuang Jie Gun, Ban Shou Ren, et cetera), your Pop/R&B beats that undoubtedly sell in the context of popular music in this modern era, but extrapolated with lingering theories of classical music that undoubtedly sell in the context of timeless music, comparable to the classics composed during European Romantic era, which is why I never get bored listening to your music. For fun and joy, I even sing your songs in public and in the showers, sang your songs on stage in high school, played your music in the piano, and permanently learned to rap Ren Zhe.

And you know what I think? I think that, with your unconventional ways of telling your truth (as opposed to other celebrities), you’re trying to tell it in a positive light, sans unhealthy manners and with a drug-free attitude, and all the more loving words you juxtaposed in your musical content. Maybe you’re trying to recreate a movement for the next generation so that the little children who Ting Ma Ma De Hua would look up to you with all their smiles. Whatever your ultimate goal is, your music has inspired many people across the world to do RIGHT, not exactly like the perfectionista that I am (just like you), but at the very least, you’ve created another world of your own, where people can never be ashamed of living their realities by dreaming forever.

All I’m trying to say here is, I will never stop supporting you! Plus the following information:

  • I’m 5 cm shorter than you.
  • I’m so much lighter than you, i.e. you can piggyback me, or carry me, or do whatever you want to me.
  • I can sing with you and play with your pink piano. I can also dance with you.
  • I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. Just like you.
  • I trust you!

Please take off your hat (and your shirt) and show off your confidence for as long as you live!!

Truly forever yours, 何沁芸