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Month: November 2010

¶ The quest for a leader through the art of war and the war of rights

¶ What if in the olden days, them Romantics Bourbon kings relinquished their preemptive badges against their own conflicting natures, as the monarchs that they are? ¶ And with them selves full of pretentions! Acts upon acts of far-off images painted in light-hearted tones, even after the highlights of Napoleon days! They buried within their arts that […]

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¶ Slaves of the dead city, un-locomoted

¶ They purchased gym memberships. ¶ They buff up their muscles, wanting to make it bigger and yet evermore bigger. They are hungry about how they look. crafting their built. Not svelte. They walk with hands moving forward and back, not from side to side, leaving their bellies forward and keep on moving that belly […]

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¶ How to bake a moxie with your bare hands

¶ The apothecary handed me a list of ingredients to make-up my kinda gal today, ’cause I said I wanted a real suga, one kick-ass minx that would make my bananas go gaga all night. ¶ I lingered in his office earlier after my quickie check-up. He gave me my medication pills for my dis-ease, but I felt that they have never […]

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